High Quality Electrical Equipment Provider

PT Intraco Indonesia, High Quality Electrical Equipment Provider. Mastering Power Factor Correction, ALPIVAR Capacitor & Regulator. PT Intraco Indonesia offer technology design, manufacture and sale: Low and high voltage systems for reactive energy compensation and harmonics filtration.  Also provice digital multimeters for electrical boards. Range of electrical equipment product:

  • LV capacitor: 5-125 kvar, 230-1000 V, 400/415 V, 3 phase 50/60Hz.
  • HV capacitor: 50-600 kvar, 2.4-24 KV.
  • PF Regulator: 5 steps, 7 steps, 12 steps.
  • Anti-harmonic filter reactor
  • Digital multimeter
  • m.schneider: NH Fuse Links, NH Fuse Base, NH fuse Handle.

Contact: PT Intraco IndonesiaMastering elimination of kvarh charges.


Komplek Permata Ancol J/12
Jl. RE Martadinata, Jakarta 14420
Telp.: (62-21) 64717528-29, 68820995
Fax.: (62-21) 64717530

Email   : info (at) intracoindonesia.co.id
Website : www.intracoindonesia.co.id

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