KITO Electric-Manual Chain Hoist & Cranes

KITO Electric-Manual Chain Hoist & Cranes, Higher quality to make lifting work more efficient and seve on labour. Outstanding product quality and a wide variety of product types. A continually-expanding huge range of hoisting systems in all industrial fields.

Electric chain hoist for industrial, Work-station and special application.

  • Twin hook type TWERM 250kg to 5t.
  • Ultra low headroom type sherm 250kg to 5t.
  • Explosion-proof type RESM 500kg to 20t.
  • Type 7.5 to 20t motorized/ Geared Trolley type.
  • Manual chain hoists model M3 up to 100t.
  • Lever hoists model L5 750kg to 9t.
  • Climbing reversible hoist: type ED 160 kg, type ER 250kg to 1t.
  • ERM single/ dual speed: motorized trolley type 125kg to 5t.
  • Single phase 120/240V 50/60Hz: dual speed cylinder control type 60kg to 240kg.
  • EF: hook suspension type 125kg to 2t.
  • Motorized overhead end carriages.
  • Geared overhead end carriages (manual).
  • Low headroom type 1t to 20t.
  • KPM60 600kg.
  • KPM10 100kg.
  • KPM80 for lifting flat/round steel. flat steel 1900kg, round steel 1400kg.
  • Trolley series 4 125kg to 20t.
  • Plain trolley 500kg to 3t.
  • Geared trolley 1 to 3t.
  • Kito special crane.

The most renowned and leading chain hoist in Indonesia.

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