SKF Authorised Distributor, Coupling Systems, Bearings, etc

Coupling systems:

  • OK couplings: OKC shaft couplings, OKCX shaft couplings, OKCS shaft couplings, OKF flange couplings, OKTC and OKTH hydraulic rings and propeller nuts, Supergrip bolts.
  • Gear couplings: types HCCE and HCRE
  • Disc couplings: type KD
  • Elastic couplings: type ECCN
  • Flexible couplings with oil injection mounting: gear couplings, disc couplings
  • Mechanical friction joints: SH bushings

Other products: Bearing units, Bearing housings, Plain bearings, Industrial shaft seals, Hydraulic seals.

Contact: PT Yuan Wira PerdanaSKF Authorised Distributor


Jl. Lautze 14 K,
Jakarta – 10710,
Phone: (62-21) 3866688 (Hunting), 53125639 (conveyor)
Fax: (62-21) 3446793, 3459557

Email  : inquiry[at]

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