Cooling Tower Specialist

King Sun Cooling Tower, Cooling Tower Specialist.

Manufacture, Sales, Repair and Maintenance.

  1. Industrial: concrete and wood structure.
  2. Special design for high temperature, environment problem low noise requirement.

Example products:

  • Counter flow air conditioning cooling tower.
  • KST cooling towers in broward, FL. USA.
  • Counter flow industrial cooling tower.
  • Cross flow air conditioning cooling tower.

Member of The CTI.

Contact: King Sun Cooling Tower


Jl Gunung Sahari 42, Jakarta 10720,
Phone: (62-21) 6245126, 6245127, 6245128
Fax: (62-21) 6396377

Email: kingsunjkt[at]yahoo[dot]com


Under the endeavor and cooperation of all our colleague, we renewed and developed our technology and products and gained the respectable position in the cooling tower business field. Just because what we claim and emphasize are technology and service, we possess complete product lines, which would satisfy all kinds of cooling requirement.

Our branch offices and distributors are spreaded islandwide in Taiwan and almost all over the world. Where ever there is clients’ requirement, where there is our service point.

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