Cooling Tower Design – Repair/ Upgrading – Spare Part

When you need cooling or towers in Jakarta, it’s better to contact PT Tasan Megah Pratama Internasional first. This company is ready to serve all your cooling or towers needs.

HVAC: Cross/ counter flow design, fiberglass, super low noise, energy saving.

Industrial: Clean/ dirty water, wood, concrete, pultruded fiberglass structure.

Repair: Upgrading performance, structure modification (from wood to pultruded fiberglass), clog resistant fill, high temp fill, low drift loss ( <0.0005% ).

Others: Close circuit cooling tower, evaporative condensers, air cooled condensers, ozone generators, sand filters, separator.

HVAC/ Package Cooling Towers:

  • MSC Series: low noise, fiberglass, energy saving.
  • NC Series: 5 years warranty, HDG steel, geareducer drive.

Industrial cooling towers:

  • Sigma series: high efficient, film fill, wood, steel or fiberglass structure.
  • Series 10/ 15: wood splash, fill for dirty water application, wood structure, SS Hdwe.
  • Class 1000, large concrete crossflow, cooling tower.
  • Air cooled condensor.

Contact: PT Tasan Megah Pratama Internasional


Komplek Kota Grogol Permai,
Blok A No 20 – 21,
Jl Prof Dr Latumeten,
Jakarta Barat, 11460,
Phone: (62-21) 5649583
Fax: (62-21) 5661607, 5649051

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Email 2 : tmpi[at]tasanindo[dot]com
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