Specialized in Power Transmission Product: Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, Sprockets, Gears, etc

Specialized in Power Transmission Product: Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, Sprockets, Gears, Chain Couplings, Flexible Couplings, Taper Lock, Conveyor belt, Induction motors, speed reducers, general supplier.

REXTON ChainsMade in England. Palm Oil Mill Conveyor Chain.

Chains Product:

  • Solid Pin Conveyor Chain
  • Hallow pin Conveyor Chain
  • Conveyor chain c/w attachment K2 / 4L
  • A2 Attachment
  • K2 Attachment
  • Single Transmission Chain
  • Double Transmission Chain
  • Triple Transmission Chain
  • Straight side chain
  • Double pitch chain with SA1 attechment
  • Chain with WA1 attechment
  • Extended pin chain
  • Cranked link chain
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Asphalt finisher chain
  • Leaf chain
  • PIV chain

Conveyor Sprocket Product:

  • REXTON SRC15040  8T
  • REXTON SRC15040 10T
  • REXTON SRC15040 12T
  • Conveyor Sprocket 6” X 8T
  • Summary: The conveyor sprocket material are of Ductile for best long life application performance and  from cast Steel for intermediate condition.

Transmission Sprocket:

  • REXTON Transmission Sprocket
  • Duplex Sprocket
  • Simplex Sprocket
  • Transmission sprocket for heavy duty application : Hardened Carbon Steel -Transmission sprocket are of Carbon Steel Hardened Teeth material.

Chain Coupling Product:

  • REXTON chain coupling
  • Standard chain coupling
  • Chain coupling Available Types: CR4012; CR4014; CR4016; CR5014; CR5016; CR5018; CR6018; CR6022; CR8018; CR8022; CR10020; CR12018; CR12022; CR16018; CR16022
  • Best quality of Chain Coupling

Flexible Coupling: Types FCL90; FCL100; FCL112; FCL125; FCL140; FCL160; FCL180; FCL200; FCL224; FCL250; FCL280; FCL315; FCL355; FCL400; FCL450; FCL560; FCL630

Speed Reducer Product :

  • Heavy Duty Speed reducer
  • Worm Gear Unit for application: Capstan Drum, Thresher Drum, Auto Feeder
  • Worm Decelaration Motor (All-alloy Container)
  • Lean Gear – Spiral Umbrella Gear Motors
  • Cylinder Gear Reducer
  • Gear Motor
  • Planetary Gear Reducer
  • Induction Motor


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