PT Shinta Korintama, We Design, Install, Manufacture and Commission Pneumatic/ Vacuum Conveying Systems

PT Shinta Korintama, We design, Instal, Manufacture and Commission Pneumatic/ Vacuum Conveying Systems for Bulk-Dry, Semi Solid Powders and Granules.

  1. Blowers
  2. Rotary valve
  3. Dust collector
  4. Butterfly valve
  5. Level indocator
  6. Bin activator
  7. Load cell
  8. Ribbon blender
  9. Weighing indicator
  10. Vacuum conveying
  11. Tube selector valve
  12. Scale diverter valve
  13. Dense phase system
  14. Gravity diverter valve
  15. Container lifting platform

Shinta Korintama’s prime activity is in the field of material handling, with an emphasis on the pneumatic transportation of bulk dry and semi solid powders and granules. As part of its material handling activities, process aspects covered include automatic batching, weighing, blending, mixing, sifting, grinding, storage, discharging, packing, dust collection and system control.

Contact: PT Shinta Korintama


Jl KH Zainul Arifin,
Komplek Ketapang Indah Blok B 1,  No 23,
Jakarta 11140,
Phone: (62-21) 2601100
Fax: (62-21) 2600480

Email 1 : korintama[at]ho[dot]shinta[dot]co[dot]id
Wmail 2 : khandi[at]ho[dot]shinta[dot]co[dot]id


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