Driving Chain, Conveyor Chain, Agricultural Chain

we can supply chain from 03Cto 48A (ASA 15-240), 04Bto72B, simplex, multiple strand chains.



Driving chains:
Heavy duty series roller chain, double pitch transmission chains, zinc-plated chains, Nickel-plated chains, side bow chains, heavy duty cranked-link transmission chain, P.I.V chains, coupling chains, bushing chains,motorcycle chains, and so on.

Conveyor chains, hoisting chains, agricultural chains, stainless steel chains, and pulleys and sprocket and racks and gear, and coupling, and bushes, and motor base and so on. Plz see our web:   www.tvchain.cn

Contact: Candy Ma
Company Name: Hangzhou Vision Chain Transmission Co.,Ltd.

Company Address:
Industrial-developing Town,Liangzhu,Hangzhou,China
Posted Code : 310007
Phone 1:  8657188932793
Phone 2:  8657188212853
Mobile Phone: 8618072873699
Fax: 8657188214397
Email: tv@tvchain.cn
Website: www.tvchain.cn

About Company:

Vision group is one of the largest manufacturers of Driving chain, Agriculture chain, Conveyor chain, hoisting chain, Hollow Pin chain, Stainless steel chain, Other special chain and so on.

We have advanced machinhes for production  and new technology testing ability,through adopting new technology from British,Germany,USA.

Except Roller chain, Our main products including : Sprockets, couplings, taper bushes, timing pulleys, V-pulleys, apur gears, bevel gears, racks, motor bases and so on.
Any demand, welcome to contact us: tv[at]tvchain[dot]cn

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