Process Control, Instrumentation and Metering System

Capabilities: Supply, Engineering, Project Management, Integration, Installation, calibration, Start-Up/ Commisioning, Training, Maintenance Contract, Remote Diagnostic, Liquid / gas metering systems packager.


  • Modular RTU for SCADA Systems
  • Gas flow Computer and Controller
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS) support 4-20 mA, HART Foundation Fieldbus, Asi-bus, Profibus DP, High speed Ethernet & OPC.
  • Terminal Automation Solution.
  • Advanced Process Control: loop maintenance monitoring, auto tuning, fuzzy logic, MPC, neural, simulation, RTO+, MSPC, e-efficiency.
  • TUV SIL 3 Approval – Smart safety Logic Solver.
  • Integrated yet Separated with Basic Process Control System (BPCS).
  • PlantWeb Alert for HART SIS Field Devices.
  • Emergency Shutdown, Fire & Gas, Burner Management, Application.

AMS Suite:

  • Asset portal (Provides reporting, analysis, and decision-support).
  • Intelligent Device Manager (Provides predictive and proaktive maintenance using intelligent field devices)
  • Machinery Health Manager (Provides Condition Monitoring of Mechanical Equipment).
  • Real-Time Optimizer (Optimizes performance in real time).
  • Equipment Performance Monitor (Provides performance monitoring of process and mechanical equipment).


  • Pressure: the next revolution in pressure flow & level measurement with a scalable design offering, unparalled performance, reliability and advance functionality.
  • Temperature: complete temperature assemblies for critical control and monitoring.
  • Level: Guided wave radar and non contact radar level transmitter.
  • Flow: real-time mass flow measurement and volumetric flowmeters with annubar and orifice primary elements.
  • Magnetic Flow Meter, Vortex Flow Meter.

Rosemount Analytical:

  • Liguid Analyzer: wide range of analyzer with best stability performance and design measuring of Ph/ORP conductivity, chlorine, DO, Turbidity, Dissolved Ozone, Rack sampling system.
  • Gas Analyzer: wide range of analyzer with best stability performance and design measuring of CEMS, in situ O2 Analyzer, IR Analyzer, GC, Hydrocarton Analyzer, etc.

SAAB Tank Control:

  • Tank Gauging Systems.
  • Automatic Identification System (Marine).


  • Control valves (Globe, Ball, Butterfly).
  • Pressure Regulators.
  • Smart Level Displacer.
  • Tank Blanketing.
  • Field Controller.

FIELDVUE: Smart HART and foundation fieldbus 1/P Positioner for control valves and ESD Valves.

Micro Motion:

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters.
  • Net Oil Computer.
  • Individual Well Test.


  • Senior & Junior Orifice Fitting.
  • Gas & Liquid Turbine Meter.
  • On line Gas & Liquid Chromatograph.
  • Senior & Junior Ultra Sonic Gas Flow Meter.
  • Gas & Liquid Custody Metering Systems.
  • Compact prover & Bi-Directional Prover Flow Computer.


  • Infrared Thermography.
  • Laser Alignment Balancing.
  • Motor Monitoring.
  • Oil Analysis.
  • Online Conduction Monitoring.
  • Portable Vibration.
  • Ultrasonics.


Distributed Control Systems for power and water solution, Steam and Gas Turbine Control, Burner Management Systems, Boiler Control, HRSG Control, Balance of plant control.


Combustion (Nox), Optimizer, Steam Temperature Optimizer, Sootblower Optimizer, Unit Response Optimizer, Global Performance Advisor, Fleet Emission optimizer.


  • Heaters.
  • Sensors.
  • Process Controls.
  • Power Controls.
  • Systems.


  • Annunciators.
  • Cable & harness for Gas Turbine.
  • Digital fault (Transient) Recorders.
  • Energy (KWh) meter.
  • Energy Transducer (Analog & Digital).
  • Flame Sensors for Gas Turbine.
  • Mud Density.
  • Portable Calibration Equipment.
  • Power Quality.
  • Sequence of event recorders.
  • Signal Conditioning Transmitter.
  • Speed Sensors for Gas Turbine.
  • Circuit Breaker Testers.
  • Utility Load management.

Contact: PT Control Systems


Beltway Office Park
Building A, 2nd Floor
Jl. Ampera Raya no 9 – 10
Ragunan, Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta, Indonesia.

Phone : (021) 780 78 81
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Our company is fully staffed to assist you in all phase of process control and instrumentation from planning stages through engineering, project management, product and system integration, site supervision and after sales support.

One of our missions is to provide solutions to improve your business results by improving throughput, availability and quality, and by reducing costs for engineering, commissioning, operation and maintenance, safety, health and environment.

PT. Control Systems has gained a reputation for expertise in process control and instrumentation which is reflected by the confidence of our long list of repeat customers as well as by internationally famous company that have chosen us to represent them in Indonesia such as Emerson Process Management.

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