Provision of General Construction Service: Building, Landscape & Maintenance

Our service:

  • Civil building construction
  • Factory building
  • Architecture & house renovation projects
  • Steel structures
  • Warehouses & workshops
  • Office building
  • Jetty
  • Interior

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P.T. Gemini Astrikarya is a company focus on business steel and road construction services, interior, landscape and the developer.

P.T. Gemini Astrikarya was founded in 1992, and is a construction company in East Kalimantan, which is equipped with a clinic in architecture as a means of supplementary planning division to support the Total Quality Management, which provide Total Quality Services for the consumer.

Steel Construction

Trimness large structures made of steel will provide an elegant and dramatic contribution to the world of landscape architecture. Beautiful and long-distance bridges, high and simple sky buildings, the public meeting room that is open and the air wing, and many other construction jobs are a few of the many aesthetic structures made of steel.

Forms of cross-section steel is generally available in the form of steel plates, rods square, round, square, shape C, standard I beams, beam I with wings wide, rectangular hollow pipe and hollow circular pipe.

Of all these forms have the functionality and usability of each, and are usually related to each other, for that PT. Gemini Construction Services Astrikarya as a company, trying to be able to design and develop forms of steel so that steel-frame building according to an owner requests, and when combined with other building materials will be formed of a sturdy building, magnificent, beautiful whose strength can be accountable.

Road Construction

The highway is the most important transportation tool for the mobilization of human, goods and services, to find the necessities of life and communicate with others, so that the development path intertwined with the development of mankind and the development of road engineering along with the development of technology found in the human race.

To provide safe and accessible to road users, then the PT Gemini Astrikarya very concerned and comply with the requirements specified in the work of road construction.

In fulfilling the above mentioned things then before starting the construction of roads PT. Gemini Astrikarya planning and implementation of flexible pavement road construction, which includes:

  1. Thickness design of each layer of pavement.
  2. Admixture analysis.
  3. Supervision of the work.

Beside that, PT Gemini Astrikarya perform planned maintenance systems and appropriate during the service life, including road drainage system.

Design Space

Design a Room or Interior Design is an important and integral part in designing a good building residential houses, offices, hotels, hospitals and other buildings.

In the process of designing the interior of a building, PT. Gemini Astrikarya more emphasis to the basic concepts, structuring techniques, and a touch of aesthetics, because this is a key element in producing a beautiful building,
comfortable and healthy.

Garden Design

“Garden Design Landscaping, is an integral part in the design of a building especially the ekterior (exterior) of a building.

PT. Gemini Astrikarya is a company engaged in the Building Contractor and Parks with an experienced and professional staff ready to assist you in serving:

  1. Building and Garden Design.
  2. Implementation of Buildings and Parks.
  3. Parks Maintenance (Landscape Maintenance).
  4. Renovation of Buildings and Parks.
  5. Building Materials Supplier and Parks.
  6. Consultation Buildings and Parks.

Housing Development

The home is a primary need of every human being, so that the beauty of form, design, comfort and sanitary dwelling house is worth noting.

In building a house PT. Gemini Astrikarya very concerned as follows:

  1. Strength, which should have a strong construction to protect from the danger of collapse.
  2. Durability, ie selecting the materials of good quality and durable according to predetermined specifications.
  3. The beauty of building a house with attention to technical factors from soil to be built, as well as adjust the interior design will be used.
  4. Health, which must pay attention to sanitation systems so that air can enter the circulation well and sunlight can enter as required.

Provision of General Construction Service: Building, landscape & Maintenance

Contact: PT Gemini Astrikarya

Head Office:

Jl Yos Sudarso no 224, Samarinda 75113,
Kalimantan timur, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-541) 732725, 731957
Fax: (62-541)735648
Email; gaksmd[at]telkom[dot]net

Branch Office:

Perumahan Tanjung Barat Indah, Jl. Teratai XIV A Blok N-9,
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, 12530, Indonesia.
Phone / Fax: (62-21) 7818309, 7800329, 7828084.
E-mail: gakjkt[at]indo[dot]net[dot]id

PT. Astrikarya Gemini has been successfully upgraded ISO 9001: 2008, where the implementation of Surveillance Audit was conducted on March 5, 2010 by Guardian Independent Certification (GIC), Singapore. The audit of the results of PT. Gemini Astrikarya as feasible and successful for obtaining and using ISO 9001:2008 Certificate until the year 2011, which can be extended.

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