Contractor for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil work & Crane Rental

Our business activities are: Contractor for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil work & Crane Rental. On site erection / installation. Professional in:

  • Steel structures
  • Vassels & Tanks
  • Static & Rotating equipment
  • High pressure parts
  • Piping systems
  • Ducting systems
  • Electrical & Instrument system
  • Refractory & insulation
  • Civil work

Service in the field of:

  • Petro chemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Oil & gas Industries
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewerage Drainage & Pipelines

Other industries such as;

  • Cement & Tyre plants
  • Fiber, Textile plants
  • Fertilizer plants, etc.

Contact: PT PromitsGeneral contractor

Head Office:

Jl Diponegoro No 38,
Bandung 40115, Indonesia
Phone: (62-22) 7271230 (Hunting)
Fax: (62-22) 7207287
Email: prmho[at]bdg[dot]centrin[dot]net[dot]id

Refresentative Office:

24th Floor Building,
Jl MH Thamrin No 59,
Jakarta 10350, Indonesia.
Phne: (62-21) 3900909, Ext.5403,5409 ; 31930771 (Hunting)
Fax: (62-21) 3143364


PT GNS Teknik, Mechanical & Electrical Contractor. Service:

  • Automatisasi mesin-mesin
  • Pendistribusian /instalasi listrik
  • Instalasi pemipaan
  • Instalasi jaringan telpon
  • Instalasi jaringan network komputer
  • Instalasi air conditioning
  • pemasangan diesel / generator
  • dan lain-lain

Contact: PT GNS Teknik


Sentra Latumeten Blok D/12A
Jl Prof. Dr. Latumeten raya No 50,
Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 56941745, 56941746
Fax: (62-21) 56975530


PT VSL Indonesia, Specialist Contractor:

  • Post-Tensioning: Our aim is always to offer not only the best post-tensioning solutions but also innovative  construction techniques, designed to increase site safety, save time, improve durability, and reduce costs.
  • Ground Anchors: The use of prestressed soil and rock anchors today provides an economical and suitable means for securing slopes or rock faces where the stability is not guaranteed. The actual amount of material used is only quite small but it enables the equilibrium to be re-established or maintained in accordance with simple basic rules and to the desired safety criteria.
  • Retained Earth: The VSoL® retained earth system has proved its merit throughout the world as a practical and cost effective construction technique for a wide variety of retaining wall applications. This area of activity is showing significant growth within VSL. This technically validated and highly reliable system uses precast concrete panels and galvanized steel mesh or polymeric strips to reinforce the soil mass. Its use of crossbars to stabilize the soil bearing, provides all panels with resistance for greater than that offered by competing frictional systems and is particularly applicable in seismic areas.
  • Repair & Strengthening: Having analysis the damage diagnostic report and established procedured to be used for repairs, VSL teams can then undertake the required remedial works. This includes injecting cracks with epoxy resin, jacketing repairs, concrete replacement, repairs to fire-damaged structures, waterproofing repairs, shotcreting, pressure grouting, strengthening with internal and external post-tensioning, glued and/ or bolted steel and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) plate, anticarbonation treatment, concrete surface repair, replacement of: bearing, expansion joint, girder, deck and pierhead, tower re-align and bridge jacking up.
  • Heavy Lifting: For economic or technical reasons, today’s civil engineering structures and industrial plants are often assembled from large, heavy, prefabricated components. VSL Heavy Lifting will often provide the most effective solution for lifting, horizontal jacking, or lowering operations. Both the equipment and its controls have been improved and new fields of application opened up for this technique. VSL’s Heavy Lifting system has contributed to enhancing quality, compressing construction schedules and saving costs. VSL continues to stand for innovative engineering, high safety standards and reliable performance.
  • Climbform & Slipform: VSL provides a complete system of self-climbing for vertical, as well as, inclined wall formwork. Depend on structural shapes, the hydraulic equipments for vertical and inclined operation are implemented in different jacking mechanism. These works are carried out in accordance with strict procedures incorporate systematic quality assurance. In many cases, our expert team will also undertake the project management.
  • Stay cables: Cable-stayed bridges are more and more gaining in favour firstly because they make possible the building of fairly large spans in an economical manner and secondly on account of the way in which they harmonize with the environment and the impression they create. The economics of these bridges has in recent years improved appreciably due to the technical advances which have been achieved, especially in cable-stayed bridges of concrete. Road and rail bridges and also footbridges can be constructed as cable-stayed bridges. In many cases the bridge deck ie of concrete, while in other cases, especially where the spans are very great It Is of steel. Composite girders ere also built.
  • Bridge Erection: Throughout the world, VSL’s record of experience in bridge construction includes literally hundreds of different types of bridges: balanced cantilever, cable-stayed, suspension bridge, incremental launching, box jacking, precast segmental and cast in situ. These works are carried out in accordance with strict procedures incorporate systematic quality assurance. In many cases, our expert team will also undertake the project management.
  • Incremental Launching: The incremental launching method is one of the highly mechanised erection methods used in bridge construction. The method consists of manufacturing the superstructure of a bridge by sections in a prefabrication area behind one of the abutments; each new unit is concreted directly against the preceding one and after it has hardened the resultant structure is moved forward by the length of one unit.
  • Bearings & Joints: Generally, structural bearings are required to connect different parts of a given structure, such as a bridge deck to piers and abutments. The most widely used structural bearings are reinforced elastomeric bearings and pot bearings. These components are capable of transmitting forces while absorbing the structures deformations and rotations. The strength of reinforced elastomeric bearings is limited by the shear properties of the elastomeric block, especially when compression, shear and bending occur at the same time. Pot bearings maximise the shear strength of the bearings elastomer by encasing it in a steel cylinder. Elastomeric and Pot bearings can be fixed, guided or free depending on design requirements.
  • Design & Engineering: We are always keen to work in partnership with our clients right from conceptual stage and have our design and method engineers working closely with their teams during tender and construction stages. VSL engineers have capabilities and experiences in detail design of post-tensioning, stay cable, ground anchor, retained earth, bearing determination, construction stages analysis, equipment definition, temporary structure design, alignment control, structural investigation and solution for repair and strengthening, construction stages supervision and technical presentation.

VSL Indonesia services and products are available to building and civil engineering contractors, project owners, consulting engineers, architects, and also to educational institutions and professional associations.

As engineering specialist, we usually involve in construction projects from conceptual design, detail design, tender preparation of methods and pricing. As subcontractor, our scope of work includes engineering, material supply and installation, equipment mobilization, installation and operation.

Generally, our scope of work (partially or totally) in building and bridge projects are marked with light blue background in the following schemes.
It’s similar for another types of structure.

Contact: PT VSL Indonesia


Jl Bendungan Hilir Raya No 50,
Jakarta 10210, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 5700786
Fax: (62-21) 5731217
Email: vslin[at]vslin[dot]com


PT VSL INDONESIA is a specialist firm providing engineering and construction services since 1976. It is a joint venture between the world renowned VSL International Ltd, and PT Central Mitrausaha Cerlang. VSL Indonesia services and products are available to building and civil engineering contractors, project owners, consulting engineers, architects, and also to educational institutions and associations devoted to the exchange and pursuit of knowledge of construction and engineering technology.

Our performance with post-tensioning, ground anchors, retained earth, repair & strengthening, heavy lifting, climbform & slipform, stay cables, bridge erection, incremental launching, bearing & joints and design & engineering has earned for VSL Indonesia a universal reputation for professional excellence and for delivering work of the highest quality, on schedule, and at the greatest cost effectiveness.


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