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Timber woods of many species for sale here. If you have been timber woods of many species for sale here. We are exporters of woods of many species for sale in Cameroon. We have 36 species of african woods available. We give the woods as logs, Middle size sawn timber woods, and many other sizes of timber woods. Below are the names of the species we have available for sale: Acacia, Field maple, Cork wood, Silver birch, Common box, Carob, African black or iron wood, Sycomore fig, Common ash, Storax tree, Persea, Olive, mbethe, sappele, iroko, and many others.

We ship these woods round the world. If you are interested in any of our timber woods, please contact us immediately for more information.  Thank you.

  1. Ebony Blanks
  2. Figure Ebony
  3. Black & White Ebony
  4. Rose Wood
  5. Rosewood Cross Cut
  6. Tiger Wood
  7. Tiger Wood Cross Cut
  8. Tiger Wood Burl
  9. Iron Wood
  10. Snack Wood
  11. Wenge
  12. Composed wood
  13. Composed wood Cross Cut
  14. Zebra Wood
  15. Zebra Wood Cross Cut
  16. Pearl Acrylic.

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