PT Dantosan PreCon Perkasa, Precast Concrete Engineering & Producer

PreConPrecast Concrete Products, Solution for Shaping the Future. PreCon Hollow Core Panels are ideal for use as wall of floor panels for commercial and industrial buildings because of their strength, durability, fire resistance, acoustic and insulation properties.

PT Dantosan Precon Perkasa (Precon) was founded in 1993 as an engineering and manufacturing precast concrete company under the trade name of PRECON.

Precon was founded upon realizing the time consuming and wasteful nature of using conventional method of building walls. Hence precast concrete walls system was founded.  This subsequently led to the formation of the business entity of PT Dantosan Precon Perkasa.

In conjunction with precast concrete system, Precon established a technical partnership with Rescrete Industries Pty Ltd, an established Australian-based company with 35 years of experience in precast concrete engineering and manufacturing.

Annually the production plant produces up to 150,000 tons of precast concrete covering 3 core products :

1. Structural products:

Hollow Core Floor and Wall System Beam, Columm, Stair, etc.

Precon HollowCore Wall and Floor Panels are latest technology solution suitable for wall, floor and flat roof construction. It replaces conventional construction method of using brick, concrete block, aluminium and steel.

Precon HollowCore are manufactured and cut to fit the job complete with blockouts which facilitate simple fast erection and shorter time schedules. This main advantage of flexibility to design and accelerate time to construction.

Precon Hollow Core fit for commercial and industrial buildings/factory because of its strength, durability, fire resistance, acoustic and insulation properties.

2. Drainage Products:

Concrete pipe, U-Ditch, Box Culvert, Manhole and Accessories

Precon Drainage products, especially the concrete pipe are manufactured using newest fully computerized concrete batching plant system Bidrectional Radial Press System. Also with reinforcement cage welding machine which ensure highest quality of reinforce and non pipe.

3. Side :

Fence – Kerbs – Jersey Kerb, etc.

  • Concrete Fence : Reinforced, size 400×2500, thickness 5 cm with poles
  • Curbs : Type A and B (size according to PU standard)
  • Ready-mix : K-150, K-175, K-225 up to K-600, K-700


  • Hollow core panel
  • Hollow core wall panel for office building
  • Hollow core floor panel
  • Precast pipe
  • Floor Installation
  • Precast U-Ditch
  • Precast Column & Beam
  • Precast Fence
  • Hollow core wall and floor for standard factory
  • Hollow core wall and floor panel for factory building

Under Lisense – RESCRETE Industries PTY. LTD – Australia.

Contact: PT Dantosan PreCon PerkasaPrecast Concrete Engineering and Producer

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Jl P. Jayakarta No 117, Blok B 52-54,
Jakarta 10730, Indonesia.
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Jl Raya Kosambi Curug km 2, desa walahar,
Klari -Karawang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
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