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Paving  Block K 300 is a product of building materials produced  by the paving hydraulic press machine with concrete  compressive strength 300  kg/cm2 (SNI  03-0691-1996).

The price of Block  Paving  is quite cheap and simple how to maintenance it as an alternative ground cover or surface hardening.  Block paving bricks also known as concrete (concrete block)  or conblock.

Block paving

Block paving varian

There are several alternative  material to cover the soil surface, such as:  Asphalt / Hotmix. However,  Paving block has more models and variations both in terms of shape, size,  color, pattern and surface texture, and strength.

In addition, Block Paving  has the ability to absorb water  up to about 30%, and of course  this makes Paving Block as well as environmentally friendly products support the Go Green program that is expected by many citizens of the world.

Beside to provide Block Paving, we also manufacture and sell  construction products  such as: Concrete  Fences, Buis  Concrete, brick,  Kanstin and Loster. Our company also provide installation services and Fences Concrete  Block Paving start of the process design, and installation of Block Paving up to the process of finishing up with compaction using a baby roller/ frog stamper.

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PAVINGBLOC.COM is a manufacturer of block paving, block paving suppliers, and contractors block paving in Jakarta, Indonesia. We sell block paving with competitive prices and guaranteed quality.

We also can do the installation of paving block with a design that consumers demand. Integrity, commitment and customers satisfaction is our main goal.

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