Specilized in Printer, Parts, Supplies, Services, Storage, Camera and Maintenance

Specilized in Printer, Parts, Supplies, services, Storage. Authorized distributor for Seiko Precision & Axis.

PT. Printcom Solusi established since May 2000 that started the business providers Dot Matrix Printers, supplies, and printer maintenance.

We provide the procurement unit of the printer as:

  • Printer Dot Matrix :  Printer Seiko Precision , Printer -Dataproducts, Printer Oki, Printer Compuprint, Printer Epson, Printer Lexmark
  • Printer Passbook :  Printer Passbook IBM,  Printer Passbook Wincor, Printer Passbook Tally
  • Line Printer:  Printer Printronix , Printer Tally Genicom., Printer Dataproduct
  • Printer Laser:  Printer Xerox, Printer HP, Printer Lexmark
  • Print Server:  Axis Print server

PT. Printcom Solusi trusted as Distributor for Seiko Precision Printers. Along with the development of technology, so we expanded the business in the provision of CCTV-based Network Camera Axis with which the company brand. PRINTCOM Solutions as a distributor for Axis Network Camera products.

In addition we are also moving in the field peyediaan Server, a computer with a variety of brands such as: IBM, Dell, ION and others, including cable installation services.

We also provide repair services Seiko Printer, Dataproduct, Printronix, IBM, Compuprint, Tally, FP, Xerox and others.

We also provide supplies such as printer: Seiko Ribbon, Ribbon Dataproduct, Printronix Ribbon, Ribbon IBM, Tally Genicom Ribbon, Ribbon Mannesman Tally, Xerox Toner, Toner Hp etc.

In addition, we provide such a printer Spareparts:  Spareparts Seiko, Spareparts Dataproduct, Spareparts Printronix, Spareparts IBM, Tally Genicom Spareparts, Spareparts Compuprint, etc.

We provide a printer as well as rental:  Rent Printers Dot Matrix and Line printers printer rental. With a passion to work in a world of information technology and want to satisfy customers so we want to realize the vision & mission of the company.

In answering the challenges in the current era of technology and to provide the best solutions for our customers, PT. Printcom Solusi provides several services you need from a variety of services that we have such as service and repair printers.

What do you need company in the field of procurement and improvement of both the printer dot matrix printer, heavy duty dot matrix, laser jet, desk jet, PT. PrintCom Solusi can help and provide answers in the form of service and repair printers and PT. PrintCom Solusi is ready to assist in product demonstrations units placed anda.PT. PrintCom Solusi provides services in improving not only your printer repair our place, but the PT. PrintCom Solusi also serve improvement in your company locations such as the printer type:  Seiko precision/ Seikosha, PRINTRONIX, Xerox, hp Invent, EPSON, Tally, DATAPRODUCTS.

PT. Printcom Solusi also provides spare parts of printers we sell printers such as:

  1. Spareparts Printer Seiko Precisions.
  2. Spareparts Printer Printronix.
  3. Spareparts Printer Data Products.
  4. And spareparts other printers such as: xerox, hp Invent, EPSON, Tally, etc.

So that your needs and the company will be the availability of the best printers always met with a warranty and guarantee the best parts of the PT.
Printcom Solusi.

With our technical staff are skilled and experienced, PT. PrintCom Solusi ready to serve you in repairing the damage to your company’s printers.

Network Solution:

  • Axis Print Server
  • Axis Protocol Converter
  • Axis Camera Products

Supplies Solution:

  • SEIKO Precision
  • Tally
  • IBM
  • OKI

Storage Slution:

  • IBM
  • hp

At this time CCTV technology developed so rapidly many brands / brand of a competing product out the various types so confusing for the consumer so that the necessary flair and precision in the technology there are some differences between CCTV Camera Surveillance with IP Camera Surveillance with which we will discuss about the two equations words (Terminology) is almost similar to the grammar, but very much difference in the way / performance (metodology).

Axis IP Camera is a producer who introduced CCTV Camera IP-based (Internet Protocol) or the so called Axis IP Camera. Where is the first time produced Axis Axis Print Server, maybe we can still remember where 90’an era when the printer has not issued either dot matrix or laserjet / inkjet printer, we can not print / print paper we want to use the printer at the same time (multi-user ) or referred to as network-based printer, we will use a print server berport LPT 1 (Axis Print Server) so that at the time the Axis Print Server is very popular among the world of IT (Information Technology). In accordance with the development will soon issue Camera Axis-based IP (Internet Protocol) in which at that time based CCTV Camera (Cable Circuit Television) to brand image among consumers at the time.

Camera service

As a realization of the vision and mission of PT. Printcom Solusi in providing products and services and services from AXIS Camera Surveillance IP Camera, PT. Printcom Solusi not only sells AXIS IP Camera Surveillance Camera but also provide the best services for your company in the form of installation or the installation of the AXIS Camera IP Surveillance Camera in a Total Solution.

If your company needs a device in the form of IP Camera Surveillance Camera for security both inside the company or outside the corporate environment such as housing, offices and so forth, PT. Printcom Solusi ready to give presentations and demonstrations of products AXIS IP Camera Surveillance Camera in your place. Supported by our experienced team both Sales and Marketing and Technical Support in the installation work as well as large-scale projects and we are ready at any time to visit your premises to provide descriptions and explanations of concepts and technologies as well as consulting in the field of brand AXIS Camera IP Surveillance Camera . Please contact us at working hours, we will serve you according to the wishes and needs of the Axis IP Camera Surveillance Camera.

We also provide free consultation for you and the companies that do not have a security system that uses technology AXIS IP Camera Surveillance Camera and also when you and companies do not yet know in detail whether the scope of technologies, concepts and performance of the AXIS IP Camera Surveillance Camera and solutions terbaikpun We will give to your liking.

We are PT. Printcom Solusi and ready to assist you in migrating companies and collaboration from analogue CCTV to have you or your company have to AXIS IP Camera Surveillance CCTV Analog Camera so that existing place or company you keep walking and in a single integrated system with camera of AXIS IP Surveillance Camera.

PT. Printcom Solusi also provide installation services as part of a direct request by the user as an answer to the Total Solution Installation in AXIS Camera Surveillance IP Camera, with a team supported by our experienced technicians in the field and the frequency of PT. Printcom Solusi handles Pintcom field project from the background so that PT. Printcom Solusi ready to help you and your company in implementing the installation camera of AXIS IP Surveillance Camera.

As the responsibility of PT. Printcom Solusi and to give satisfaction to you, so that PT. Printcom Solusi give warranty for customers.

Contact: PT PrintCom Solusi

Address: l. Masjid 1 No. 04 Pejompongan, Bendungan Hilir. Jakarta 10210 Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 5711808, 5721091, 5702645
Fax: (62-21) 5711811
E-mail: info[at]printcom[dot]co[dot]id
Website: www.printcom.co.id


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