Riello UPS, Flexible Power Inflexible Protection

PT. Centrado Prima Int’l was founded in 1992 as a Limited Liability Company (PT) under the Indonesian legal counsel. The company was originally named CV Centrado Prima founded in 1987.

After successfully through various processes to get stronger, PT Prima Int’l Centrado established to respond to customer demand, integrated in the flow of our business. The products produced are:

  • Distribution Transformer
  • Step Up/Down Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • AC Welding Transformer
  • Starting Transformer
  • Point Welding Transformer
  • Choke Transformer
  • Battery Changer Transformer

Riello UPS, Flexible Power Inflexible Protection, 350 VA up to 6400 KVA.

  • On line double conversion technology
  • Transformer less technology
  • Can be paralled up to 6 modules at different capacity
  • Widest input voltage window
  • Management softwere powershield
  • Repair and sevice
  • Preventive maintenance



For the production process, our factory equipped with production machines and sophisticated quality, some of which are as follows:

  • Coil Winding Machine
  • Guillotine Shear Machine
  • Hydraulic Bending Machine
  • Power Press Machine
  • Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
  • Drilling & Tapping Machine
  • Welding Transformer
  • Vacuum Oil Purifier
  • Test Oil Machine
  • Full Automatic Chain Hoist
  • Hydraulic Press Radiator Double Action Machine

Transformer Centrado can stand the test of high voltage dielectric 50Hz/60Hz and the impulse voltage according to IEC standards and the Indonesia Standard.

Primary Voltage

Adjusted with the voltage distribution system in Indonesia, namely: 6 KV, 12 KV, 20 KV and 24KV. Tapping the primary voltage is done by the commutator (Tap-Changer) in an empty load on the primary side. Centrado also serve special requests other high voltage in accordance with user needs.

Taping system is driven to a voltage adjustment +4%, +2.5% or 5%. For transformers with a capacity above 100 KVA can be made 2 commutator switches the primary voltage / voltage transfer outside the tank construction, making it easier to use with multiple functions can be locked for security.

Secondary Voltage

In the secondary voltage in the empty weight can be 133 V/231 V (B1) and the voltage 231 V/400 V (B2) or can be provided simultaneously, that: the voltage 133 V / 231 V only 75% and the voltage 231 V / 400 V, the power is: 100% of normal power.


  1. Core transformers: Transformer core is made of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel 0.27-mm M4 is crafted and designed in such a way as to ensure the mechanical strength, reduces vibration and noise with iron losses low.
  2. Coil: The coil made of copper konstruktivitas value is high, the coil on the high voltage side is made of enamel insulated copper wire, while the low voltage side of the paper insulated wire. Note: If there is a special request for the class of higher insulation materials will be provided. *The core and coil transformer will then be dried with dioven until the insulation resistance up to more than 2000 Mega Ohm.
  3. Terminal: High voltage terminal using porcelain insulators or Elastimold Synthetic Resins. Low voltage terminal using porcelain insulators with the current above 1000 A with a copper berisloasi Synthetic Resins.
  4. Tank: Made of steel plate gilded zinc (Electrogalvanized Zin Coated Steel) or Mild Steel Plate. Designed water-resistant construction and air.
  5. Packing Transformers: Packing the transformer is made of rubber that can resist high temperatures and also has the oil resistance is good.
  6. Painting: Before the painting process to remove oil and rust are attached to the surface of steel plate, after which painting process followed by painting the bottom end later in dioven certain temperature so that a perfect result.
  7. Olie: Transformer oil has a double function as an insulating and cooling. By default PLN, Olie transformer used is: SHELL DIALA B “or the like.


CENTRADO Starting Transformator:

  • Capacity 3 HP – 1750 HP,
  • Primary / Input 220V – 380V,
  • Secondary / Output      0% – 50% – 65% – 80% – 100%.

CENTRADO Rectifier Transformator:

  • Capacity 50 Amp – 20.000 Amp,
  • Primary / Input 220V – 380V,
  • Secondary / Output 0 – 6V- 12V – 20V – 24V ( DC )
  • Type  DRY dan OLIE


1. YORITSU Stabilizer (Automatic Voltage Regulator, Motor made In Japan, Warranty 5 years)

Classic problem we often face in using electrical equipment such as computers, TV, audio & communications equipment OFFICE & HOUSE is less than maximum value such tools to work due to an unstable voltasi. So that these tools are having problems and eventually broken when we bought it not long ago.

In a larger capacity power tools are also used for LABORATORY & FACTORY is required to produce a good product and if the problem occurs the company will be charged a lot which resulted also behind a series of problems, not just a broken machine, but productivity is halted and means the cost for the company.

Are we still maintain these inefficiencies? By saving a little money but wasted too much time and high costs? It’s time you check voltasi today!

Construction characteristics

  1. Class E insulation for max temperature of 75 degrees Celsius with ambie max temperature 40 degrees Celsius.
  2. Core made from nucleus (Grain Oriented Silicon Steel) with a low iron loss. Type M4 (JAPAN). Thickness of 0.27 mm.
  3. Kern dianelling at 750 to 800 degrees Celsius within 48 hours.
  4. AC / DC Servo Motor (Japan) with high speed and not noisy.
  5. Coils made of copper with the assurance that the high-quality copper. Thermal standard 180 degrees Celsius.
  6. Bakelite plate mold consisting of slot machines to help achieve precision CNC roll perfect.

Key Features

  • Robust construction, admitting over-loads up to 1000% the nominal
  • CNC winding machines to ensure consistency in precision & tension strength
  • A heavy duty high speed low noise AC – DC servo motor High output voltage accuracy and stability
  • High efficiency > 98% which means less maintanance cost
  • Adjustable PCB electronic output with accuracy 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%
  • High reliability / MTTR
  • Over voltage : alarming, automatic cut-off

2. STABILIZER Yoritsu (PCB ELECTRONIC, Technology Japan & Spain, High Accuracy)

YORITSU PCB electronic Excellence:

  • Plug and Play
  • Encapsulated transformer
  • Adjustable accuracy 1%,2%,3%,4%
  • High reliabilty/MTTR
  • Respond time within 1-2 Volts

Protection (Optional):

  • Under/over voltage alarming
  • Automatic cut off
  • Fase failure

Type-Type PCB electronic YORITSU:

  • PCB DD 2050 A : 2-10 KVA 1 Phase, 6-30 KVA 3 Phase
  • PCB DD 2050 B : 15-20 KVA 1 Phase, 40-60 KVA 3 Phase
  • PCB AC : 70-250 KVA 3 Phase
  • PCB digital DGT 2070+2072 : 300 KVA ke atas (All capacity)

3.  STABILIZER Yoritsu (High Quality, Silicone Steel & Copper)

  • Rolls made of nucleus (Grain Oriented Silicon Steel) with a low iron loss. Type M4 (JAPAN). Thickness of 0.277 mm.
  • Rolls made of dianelling nucleus already at temperature 750 ° – 800 ° C for 12 hours.
  • Coiled coils using Bakelite disc mold consisting of slots to help achieve a precision CNC machine which is perfect.

4. STABILIZER Yoritsu (AC/DC Servo Motor, Made in Japan)

Servo motors for Yoritsu Stabilizer consists of:

  • AC servo motor, merk Panasonic : 70 KVA up
  • DC servo motor , merk Tzukasa  : 5 – 20 KVA 1 Phase, 6 – 60 KVA  3 Phase
  • DC servo motor, merk Sayama : 2 – 3 KVA 1 Phase

Contact: PT Centrado Prima Int’l

Office: Kompleks Mangga Dua Plaza, Blok F No 24-25, Jakarta Pusat 10730, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 6121811, 6126582-3
Fax: (62-21)  612-1117
Email: sales[at]centrado[dot]co[dot]id
Website: www.centrado.co.id


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