PT Dataprima Grahapratama, One way To Get IT Solution

Softwere Solution:

  • ERP: Marketing, PPC, Production, QC, maintenance, purchasing, logistic, delivery, HRD (personal & payroll), finance, Accounting, system administration, executive information.
  • MRP: PPC, production, QC, maintenance, purchasing, logistic.
  • SCM: marketing, PPC, production, QC, maintenance, purchasing, logistic, delivery
  • Trading: marketing, logistic, delivery, HRD (personal & payroll), finance, accounting system, administration, executive information.

Hardwere solution: computer peripheral, networking, cabling installation, raised floor for server room

Service solution: Outsourcing / Helpdesk, Maintenance (softwere, Hardwere, Network, Router, Installation and Troubleshooting).

History of DataPrima.

In the early 1990, globalization has become hot issue in the world, including here in Indonesia . This situation has made fast growth of the information technology for globalization, because of the improvement of all industries sector in Indonesia as shown by increasing number of new corporation or existing company which getting bigger and has created Indonesia becomes interested market for computer manufacturing of all over the world.

Considering the great opportunity in information technology business in Indonesia, Dataprima Group has striven to keep pace in that business since 1992. Therefore, we have built a strong business foundation for our company.

After one decade has been passed, information technology is still growing, even faster. So, we have always updated our knowledge and skill to perform well in IT business. Besides we have given training and development program for our employees, we have built partnership with Hewlett Packard, Cisco and 3Com to strengthen our core competence.

In the year of 2000, we made acquisition with a software company and built new software division in order to expand our services in developing applications, which can assist our customer’s operational activity. At the same year, we also started service solution which provided maintenance service and IT outsourcing solution to our valuable clients.

While facing the future with confidence, we find some threat that will occur in the following years. We have to continuously prepare ourselves to meet the challenges of the future.

The Corporate Philosophy:

  • Our success will be measured by our client’s success
  • Our product and services must contribute to our client’s profitability
  • Our chargers must be cost justifiable like any other expenditure
  • Our growth will be based solely on undertaking projects which are profitable and can be implemented on time and in line with our client’s expectations
  • Our staff will be continuously trained in current technology and will obtain job satisfaction

Contact: PT Dataprima Grahapratama

Address: Menara Era 8th Floor-Suite 801, Jl Senen Raya 135-137, Jakarta 10410, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 3863456
Fax: (62-21) 3863450
E-mail: info[at]dataprima[dot]com / sutayono[at]dataprima[dot]com

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