Intacs Business Solution, Developing Business Software and Accounting Products

Intacs Business Solution, Developing Business Software and Accounting Products, Measurable benefits:

  1. More centralized management: Planning, supervision and decision making faster and more effective
  2. Spans of control becomes shorter because the information in each level is very easy and quick access
  3. Reducing the significant amount of clerical work / administration, middle-level workers.
  4. Financial functions, procurement, marketing can be controlled with a centralized order to effectively and efficiently lebh
  5. Increase sales through improved customer service
  6. Adding the company’s competitiveness.
  7. Increase productivity firms.
  8. Reduce / eliminate cheating (fraud).
  9. Reduce costs by eliminating activities that do not have added value.

Best Service at the lowest price:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Procurement
  • Order Management
  • Manufacturing / MRP / CRP
  • Contractor / Project management
  • Budget Control
  • Human resources management + payroll
  • Simple accounting package

Flexible and customizeable. Solution:

1. Enterprise Resource Planning

NTACS ERP software designed to support and automate business processes for middle and upper-scale companies.

INTACS ERP can help control many business activities such as Order Management, Procurement, Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Assets Management, Human Resources Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management.

INTACS ERP is a system of cross-functional departments within the company. All functions in the departments involved in operations or production are integrated.

Difference difference solution to customer: we use Metodology made solutions that we provide for each of our customers are highly dependent with the vision and mission and corporate strategy, regulation, business environment etc.

Solution Approach instead of Product Approach: Solution approach we use is different from most other vendors that use the same software for different  problems different. We build software and standards with modifications and customized business processes in your company.

Customizable and upgradeable: This software can be modified fully adjusted to the needs of business processes and corporate policies that differ from one another.

Advance Technology with local approach: We develop and implement ERP business environment tailored to Indonesia by always using the latest technologies.

Rapid Development Tools: We use rapid development tools which are very quick to build and modify the software according to customer needs.


  • PLANNING: ERP INTACS generate information from input data to create inter-departmental planning activities to be managed and resources allocated efficiently and effectively as purchase planning, production and cash flow, sales and planning costs.
  • ORGANIZING: ERP INTACS changing organizational structure to be thin, the appropriate division of labor with an integrated system for all functions of both the functions of sales, purchasing, production and finance so as to eliminate duplicate work and to use standardized data for all departments
  • ACTUATING: ERP INTACS ensure all activities are conducted in accordance with the procedures such as purchasing functions must go through the planning calculation needs goods / Material Requirement Planning (MRP), purchase orders, goods receipt and acknowledgment of debt. Thus, all activities can be run efficiently and effectively.
  • Controlling: INTACS ERP supports the entire business process can be controlled by combining the activities of individual departments within a single integrated system, which can avoid leakage, waste, abuse of company resources and the allocation of resources that are not appropriate.

2. INTACS Accounting

Accounting Intacs developed to answer the needs of integrated accounting software and can be fast, easy and inexpensive to be modified to match the needs of different companies for each type of business.

Accounting Software Package in general is very limited even can not be modified at all, so its application is very forced and not very effective and could not support the company’s operations Accounting Intacs is intended
for all types of businesses whether trade, industry, and services.

Accounting Intacs are designed and developed to assist medium-sized companies who need a complete, integrated solution that includes handling transactions ranging from efficient and controlled manner to provide the reports to complete and the information needs of financial analysis.

INTACS Accounting are designed with very consider the ease, practicality, efficiency, and speed in managing data for fast decision making, precise and accurate.

3. INTACS Smart

Intacs Smart designed to remove the standard procedure that difficult to turn into one easy as using a spreadsheet / excel in performing data entry and sophistication of a database to produce reports in a quick and complete.

Intacs Smart aimed at small and medium companies in control of the company and make a decision to be more efficient and well controlled for the growth and development of the business. Smart Intacs are designed and developed for years in order to help develop a complete financial report following supporting reports with easy, quick, practical and efficient.

Intacs Smart very helpful for small and medium-sized companies because they do not need someone who specifically for the task of accounting and does not require knowledge of accounting is too deep.

Intacs Smart has been widely used in small companies and medium enterprises in Indonesia.

Intacs Smart also very suitable for the preparation of financial statements done by 3rd party. For tax consultant in preparing the financial statements are also fiscal accounting firm and consulting service companies making other financial reports.

Best Feature:

  • Intacs SMART record cash transactions and the samebanks by recording the cash and bank books in general manual direct all revenue transactions and revenue in the form of transactions.
  • Intacs SMART record sales transactions, including VAT and income tax receivable automaticly recorded in the book notes receivable and inventory expenses.
  • Intacs SMART view pending customer accounts receivable based on the books of each invoice
  • Intacs SMART view of your outstanding balance and the debt book suppliers on the basis of each invoice. Seeing the balance of supply and inventory transactions per item of goods on the basis of each transaction and calculate the cost of goods based on FIFO or Average automatically.
  • Intacs SMART note the use of materials for production, project, profit center and automatically recorded in the book inventory expenses and inventory ledger.
  • Intacs SMART will automatically record the fixed assets from the purchase transaction and the calculation of depreciation and depreciation based on the tariff journals that have been defined in each group of fixed assets.
  • Intacs SMART create a journal based on automatic amortization period is determined.
  • Intacs SMART provide facility a memorial journals that is not created automatically from other transactions.

BUSINESS SOLUTION INTACS founded in 1993 and is experienced in developing software that focuses on developing business software and accounting products and services have been implemented in many companies in Indonesia, both local and multi-national. Supported by professionals from a variety of scientific backgrounds such as information technology accounting, tax, management, marketing, engineering and others with years of experience we believe can help you to provide the best solutions for your business.

We Sell not a software solution, but we develop solutions tailored to your needs that can be easily implemented to improve your business value by improving the quality of resource management for your company. Products and services that are implemented according to customer needs. Our software is developed by following the developed technology in the world of information systems by considering aspects of the Indonesian business environment.

Contact: PT Intacsindo Solusi Optioma

Marketing Office: Sentra Niaga 3 Timur Blok A3 No. 41, Medan Satria Bekasi, Indonesia
Phone: (62-21) 88972250,
Fax: (62-21) 88878811
Email : andi[at]intacsindo[dot]com

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