Proven Solution For specific Problem In Industries

Belzona Polymeric Systems. Proven Solution For specific Problem In Industries:

  • Belzona 1111, Engineering grade repair system for repairing and rebuilding machinery and equipment
  • Belzona 1131, a metal repair compound with self  lubricating properties
  • Belzona 1251/ 5851, for repair and prevention of corrosion under insulation
  • Belzona 1311/ 1321, repair system designed for rebuilding and surfacing metal demage by erosion-corrosion
  • Belzona 1391/ 1591, Revolution in high temperature coating technology
  • Belzona 4311, the barrier coating for protecting  surface against the effects of chamical attact
  • Belzona 5831, a moisture tolerant barrier coating for protectionof metalic and non metalic.

novorex – swiss Quality rust protection

Sole Agent for Indonesia: PT Tunas Tasik

P.T. Tunas Tasik was established in 1960 as a general trading company. In 1982 the company concentrated its business in the field of Industrial Maintenance and Repair when it acquired the sole agency for the Belzona range of high performance polymers from Belzona Polymerics Ltd. UK. At the same time the company also was appointed as sole agent for Noverox, a unique, environmental friendly rust treatment product from Switzerland, from SFS Stadler. The Company operates its business throughout Indonesia by appointing Sub-Distributors and Independent Distributors thereby creating opportunities for entrepreneurialships and establishing close relationships with its customers. In 2000, the Company was appointed as the sole distributor for the WENGER Genuine Swiss Army Knives and has since started to enter into the retail business.

P.T. Tunas Tasik is headed by DR. Handoko Widjaja and assisted by a professional management team. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and started his career working for 5 years as Head of Product Management at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Basle Ltd. in Jakarta. Later on he joined Exxon Chemical, a division of Exxon Company USA, as the Country Manager for Indonesia. In 1982, he started to set up his own business by acquiring P.T. Tunas Tasik and obtained the sole distribution rights for the Belzona products (Belzona Polymerics Ltd. UK) and Noverox (SFS Stadler, Heerbrugg-Switzerland).

Address: Jl Biduri No 21, Permata Hijau, Jakarta 12210, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 5347570
Fax: (62-21) 5482404
E-mail: biduri[at]indosat[dot]net[dot]id

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