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Drycleaning : In fact, many people around the world do not know exactly what this is. Yes, it is a washing process that does not use water. However, it still uses liquid that is called perchloroethylene (solvent) as the base. A lot of  people mistakenly thought, that, solvent is all you need in a dry-cleaning process. No, solvent is considered as the base, just like water and on top of that, washing process will always require detergents in order for the garments to be clean.

WETcleaning: This is the latest invention of the 21st century. When dry-cleaning process use solvent to wash its delicate garments and fabric, in the opposite, wet-cleaning uses water as its base in the washing process. You will be amazed on what technology can do. Seitz also produces chemical for wet-cleaning and claimed to be the best.

Laundry: This is a very basic process in washing. Since this is very basic, do laundry owners, operators and laundry manager know that basic laundry process can be done in 30 – 35 minutes time. Our Seitz laundry system can save you water, electricity, diesel and time consumption.

Hardsurface: Seitz GmbH Germany just released these new products into the market recently in Dubai. Our product ranges are from General, Kitchen and Sanitary Cleaning. With this new product range we are able to accommodate customers in all areas of their businesses and to provide our customers with a ‘One stop cleaning’ concept


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About Company:
P.T CENTROCHEM Solusindo Utama involves in the cleaning industry. Our presence in the industry is to provide innovative solutions in the area of cleaning businesses from : dry-cleaning, wet-cleaning, laundry and hard-surfaces, as well as best equipments in the market that suit your business purposes.

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