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PT Prisindo Mitra Utama, Sole Distributor: Nilfisk ALTO – Why Compromose, WAP, KEW, Clarke, American-Lincoln, Technologies & DENSIN.

Product: 6150

Large ride-on sweeper with dust control and variable high dump Ride-on sweeper with dust control and variable high dump. Used for even the toughest industrial applications indoor or outdoor, warehouses, parking areas, multi-storey car parks, etc. Available in Battery, LP gas, Petrol and Diesel versions.

The no tool broom adjustment is located in the driver compartment this together with the no tool filter, side broom and main broom removal makes it very operator friendly.


  • Heavy steel construction.
  • Energy absorbing bumper.
  • Three stage filter system.
  • Head, tail and instrument lights.
  • Clear control panel for easy operation.
  • Electrical filter shaker.
  • Full time power steering.
  • 283 litre hopper.
  • Large filter and hopper.
  • Adjustable seat for ergonomic operation.

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Contact: PT Prisindo Mitra Utama – Total Cleaning Confidence

Operational Office: Jl Taruma Negara Blok B7 No 15, Sukapura – Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 44836761, 44836762, 4400073
Fax: (62-21) 4400066
E-mail: prisindo[at]centrin [dot]net[dot]id

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