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PT Trimitra Sejati Tannindo, Your Partner in Water Management. PT. Trimitra Sejati Tannindo is one of Indonesia’s leading home grown speciality water treatment company. PT. Trimitra Sejati Tannindo markets  Waterman water treatment chemicals,  Purolite Ion Exchange Resins, Calgon Carbon activated carbons,   Tohkemy’s Products, Palintest’s water testing equipment and tablets. The company also supply R/O membranes, process chemicals and speciality chemicals for various industry. Most of the products are leading edge, highly effective and environmental friendly conforming to US EPA, OSHA and European environmental Standards.

The company serves a diversified industries : Palm Oil Mills, Hotels, Electronic Industries, Citric Acid, Sugar Mills, Tires manufacturer, Food & Beverage industries, Methanol plan, Refineries, Polymer, Textiles and Garment, Chemical plant, Cement, Commercial Building, Steel Industry, wood and plywood, Pulp and Paper, Fertilizer and petroleum complexes. PT. Trimitra Sejati Tannindo pride itself on providing an excellent and comprehensive after sales service second to none in the water treatment industry.

1. PUROLITE Co, USA – Ion exchange resins.

For many years, the PUROLITE name has been synonymous with high quality ion exchange resin product. Both the PUROLITE COMPANY (USA) and PUROLITE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED are worldwide manufacturers of ion exchange resins. PUROLITE offers a full product line with major distribution centers strategically located around the globe. The Pontyclun manufacturing plant, located in South Wales ( U.K. ) utilizes the most advanced technology in manufacturing a wide range of ion exchange products.

2. CALGON – Technologies for purification, separation, recovery and sysnthesis.

Calgon Carbon Corporation, and its European operation Chemiron Carbon, is global manufacturer, supplier, and developer of granular activated carbon, innovative treatment systems, value added technologies, and services for optimizing production processes and safely purifying the environment.

3. Palintest – Water testing equipment and tablets.

Water testing plays a vital role in our modern society. Moves to improve drinking water quality, heightened environmental concerns and increased use of water for industry and leisure; all create the need for quick accurate water test result. In each and every case the Palintest system provides the answer. Simple to use test equipment and reagent systems, mean that rapid reliable results can be obtained by all users- with or without formal laboratory training.

This is why the Palintest system is used in laboratories, treatment plants, leisure facilities and industrial premises throughout the world – you can rely on 30 years of Palintest experience for your water testing needs. Application for the Palintest system include: Raw Water Analysis, Drinking Water Monitoring, Swimming Pool and Spa Management, Boiler Water Testing, Colling Water Checks, Effluent Control. Water Testing Equipment and TabletsAlkalinity: hardness, chloride, silica, iron, ph / conductivity, etc.

4. WATERMAN (UK, INA) – Water Treatment Waterman British Standard.

Waterman supplies full range quality products of water treating chemicals and services by qualified Chemical Engineering. We are specialist in water treating chemicals, especially in Boiler water treatment and Cooling water treatment. Our Chemical Engineers are trained to ensure proper applications and control of our chemicals to achieve the effectiveness of the treatment and highest efficiency of the system. Our chemicals Engineers are well trained to assist you in solving our water treatment problem. All of our offices are equipped with water analysis laboratories and always ready to provide regular water analysis for everyone of our customers in our laboratories or on sites when necessary. Water treatment chemicals for: steam boiler, chemical cleaning, fuel additive, cooling system, flocculant, R / O Chemicals

5. TOHKEMY CORPORATION – Anthracite & filter media.

We have devoted our efforts in developing unique products that other manufacturer have never put on the market. Our lines of products so far developed are: Anthracite filter media, filter sand, Garnet and double layer filter, filter media for triplex filtering, and Ferrolite series of filter medium uses for removing iron, manganese and color inherently contained in the underground water. We have improved the filter media many times to eliminate the need for chroline penetration at the time of test running and to save manganese ion leak. We also treat pump related equipment such as quantitative injection pumps, stirrers, sensors and automatic flow meters for pH, residual chroline, turbidity, and conductivity of the water and other devices which check and control the rate of inflow by adding and mixing a fixed quantity of liquid and powder into the water.

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