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We are the manufacturers, exporters and importers of the Chemicals. Supraveni Chemicals was established in the year 1990 and since then we have been crossing milestones of success and have scaled new heights of achievements. We are a reputed manufacturer,exporter, importer and trading company of a vast range of Chemicals having wide application in various industries like: Pharmaceutical Industry, Electroplating Industry, Electronic Industry.

The firm was started with the production of Special Paint Remover and Chemicals for PCB assemblies and later it ventured into manufacturing of Nickel cadmium and Cobalt salts. Afterward, the company was involved in supplying Battery Grade Sulphuric Acid to lead the acid battery manufacturers. During the course, various chemicals like Sodium Sulphate and Barium Sulphate used in lead batteries were developed.


We are a reputed manufacturer, exporter, importer and trading company of a vast range of chemicals having wide application in various industries. We are manufacturing following range of chemicals:

  • Chemicals for Lead Acid Batteries
  • Chemicals for Nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • Chemical for Laboratories, Research


Acetone, Cyclohexanone, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Methanol, Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethylene, Toulene, Xylene.

Fine Chemicals:

  • Barium Sulphate for Xray, Lead Acid Batteries, Paint and Powder coating
  • Cadmium Sulphate for Pigment, Fluorsent, Electroplating, Laboratory Industries.
  • Cobalt Sulphate for Poultry, Vetanary, Ceramics, Pigment, Plating, Battery & other Industries
  • Nickel Sulphate for Electroplating, Cadmium, Batteries/Catalyst
  • Potassium Sulphate for Gypsm Cement,Soil Conditioner & Industrial applications
  • POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE for Battery, Electroplating & Industrial applications
  • POTASSIUM SODIUM TATARATE for Electro plating, Baking Powder and Silvering of mirror
  • SODIUM SULPHATE for Xray, Lead Acid Batteries, Paint and Powder coating
  • SODIUM PER BORATE TETRA HYDRATE for Bleaching Agent & other Industrial Laundaries
  • ZINC SULPHATE for Lead Acid Batteries, Mordant, Wood Preservation and other Laboratory Industrial applications
  • BARIUM CHLORIDE for X-Ray, Lead Acid Batteries, Paint & Powder
  • BARRIUM HYDROXIDE for Used in Nickel Cadmium & Silver Zinc, Batteries
  • CADMIUM NITRATE for manufacturer of Nickel  Cadmium Batteries, laboratories & other industries
  • CADMIUM HYDROXIDE for manufacturer of Nickel  Cadmium Batteries, aboratories,Electroplating& other industries
  • CADMIUM OXIDE for manufacturer of Nickel  Cadmium Batteries,  laboratories & other industries
  • COBALT NITRATE for manufacturer of Nickel  Cadmium Batteries, laboratories,Electroplating& other industries
  • COBALT CARBONATE for Pigment, tiles, Lubricants & other Industries
  • COBALT CHLORIDE for Pigment, tiles, Lubricants & other Industries
  • COBALT Sulaphate for Paint, Varnish & other Industries
  • LITHIUM HYDROXIDE for Industrial purpose / Battery

We have been certified as ISO 9001-2000/ 14001-2004 company and the whole production process conform to the guidelines set by the organization.

Our primary focus is on providing the best quality to our clients so that they are fully satisfied with the composition and performance of the products.

The economical approach along with excellent quality of our specific industrial chemicals used in Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Electroplating and PCB Industries, Laboratories, Research and Electronic Industries have provided us the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable enterprise that aims to bring perfection. Our hard work, dedication and intense efforts have given us the credibility in the market and we are known for cost and quality.

Contact: Supraveni Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Alamat PT/ Address:

Plot No. 8C1, 2nd Cross KIADB Indl. Area,
Kadugodi, Bangalore – 560067, Karnataka, India
Phone : 91-80-28455690 / 28455692 / 28455691 / 25427668
(R) 25427654 / 52427668
Fax : 91-80-28455691
Email id: supraveni[at]vsnl[dot}net

Key Personnel:
Mr. V. Somasundaram (Managing Director)


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