Specialize and Suppliers of: Titanium Dioxide, Lubricants, Organic Peroxide, Water Treatment Chemical, etc

PT Fadjar Kimia Pratama Prima, Distributor / Agent of: Alpha chemicals – Hi-Chem (Australia) PTY.LTD – Millennium inorganic chemicals – Degussa initiators GMBH & Co.KG – Tribol / Molub Alloy.

Specialize and Suppliers of:

  • TIONA – Millennium Titanium Dioxide for paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, etc
  • TRIBOL / MOLUB ALLOY – high performance lubricants for industrial gear boxes, compressor, chain, bearing, bushing, hydraulic, turbine, high temperature and etc
  • DEGUSSA – For Benzoyl peroxide, CHP, organic peroxides, ammonium, sodium & potassium persulphates and sodium chlorite, etc
  • ALPHACIDE – paint fungicide & in CAN bactericide
  • ALPHACOL – Gold colouring for anodised aluminium
  • Hi-CHEM – Water treatment chemicals for boiler and cooling towers, scale & corrosion inhibitors, biocides, floccullants, softener, demineralizers, etc
  • Hi-ChEM – cleaning chemicals-rust removers, decarbonizers, degreasers, scales remover, electric motors cleaner, paint stripper, industrial cleaners, fueladditives, etc. Chemical cleaning services for boilers, condensors and heat exchanger
  • ION EXCHANGE RESINS – For softener and demineralizer
  • CHLORINE – Granular and tablet for swimming pools.

Contact: PT Fadjar Kimia Pratama Prima

Jl Aipda K.S. Tubun II No 7, Jakarta 11410, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 5306782, 5346319, 5346876, 5346992
Fax: (62-21) 5485937


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