Specialist in Electroplating Chemical and Pump Chemical & Pump Waste Water Treatment

ATOTECH, Specialist in electroplating chemical. Sole agent for:
1. Pretreatment process
2. Post treatment
3. Electroplating

  • Futuron: plating on plastic
  • Heef 25 : hard chrome
  • Makrolux – nickel plating
  • Zylite HT – Hot Acid Zinc
  • Protolux 3000 – alkaline zinc
  • JIG Coating

Mefiag B.V, Specialist in pump chemical and pump waste water treatment: disc filter using paper, fibroc, centrifugal pump, drump pump, filter pump, filter cambridge.

INCO: Nickel Anoda, Nickel Chlorida, Nickel Sulphate.

The International Metals & Chemicals Group, Brass Anode: Tphos Ball, Gravure Phos Ball, Oxigen free.

Basic Chemical: Stanouse sulphate, Copper Cyanide, Copper Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Zinc Chloride, H2SO4 & HCl Pure, Amonium Chlorida, Zinc anode, Potasium Silver Cyanida, Potasium Gold Cyanida, Silver Anode, Silver Cyanide, chromic Acid.

KOCOUR: Laboratorium, equipment & Analist

SanRex: Rectifier for Electroplating.

It is our commitment to offer you with the best of quality, technology & service in our line.

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