Sale for pigment carbon black & powder

Chemical products:

  • Carbon black for coating, painting, ink and mill base
  • Carbon black for papermaking, sealant
  • Carbon black for plastic, master batch ployester fiber, plsatic injection molding, film, PVC and leather.

    Carbon Black for many industries

Contact: Cathy Lee
Company Name: Tangyin FuRui Pigment Carbon Black Co.,Ltd

Company Address:
Sima Industrial Area Tangyin Anyang Henan China
Posted Code : 456150
Phone 1:  +86-372-6255388
Phone 2:  +86-372-6258377
Mobile Phone:
Fax: +86-372-6255388

About Company:

Tangyin Fu Rui Pigment Carbon Black Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the carbon black pigment production of the manufacturers, the company developed the FR series of carbon black pigment with high density, high color, high gloss, excellent blue phase and good dispersibility, fluidity and other characteristics. Widely used in ( injection molding, film,  drawing ) 2014black plastic masterbatch, masterbatch, polypropylene fiber, polyester fiber, PVC wire and cable, paint ink, color paste, leather, papermaking, sealants and other products.

Because the single-minded, so professional. The company has two imported full automatic intelligent pigment carbon black production line, the products comply with EU ROHS directive environmental protection. FR series of carbon black pigment sold Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei and other provinces and cities, and exported to foreign countries.

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