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Hereby, please allow me to take this opportunity introduce our company Zeyang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd to you .

We are a professional manufacture and supplier in the fileds which owns years of producing and suppling experience among natinonal and international chemical trading market. We must be take the best quality and the competitive price for you. Our products such as:

  1. Anatase-Titanium dioxide
  2. Rutile-Titanium dioxide
  3. Sulphur Black
  4. Copper Oxide
  5. Sodium lauryl ether sulphate(SLES)
  6. Iron Oxide Yellow
  7. Akyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid
  8. Chrome-Yellow
  9. Lithopone
  10. Caustic soda flake
  11. Carbon black
  12. Iron Oxide
  13. Chrome Oxide Green
  14. Basic Chromium Sulphate
  15. Copper Sulfate
  16. Linear alkylbenzene Sulfonic acid (LABSA)
  17. Oxalic acid
  18. Pentaerythritol
  19. Formic acid

Contact Person: Miya
Company Name: Zeyang Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd

Company Address:
NO.219 Jinshui Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Posted Code : 266000
Phone:  86031189279531
Mobile Phone: 86031189279531
Fax: 86+0311+87899163

Email: miya [at]

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