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DUPONT – The Miracles of Science. Our vision: To be the world’s most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. E. I. duPont Nemours And Company, one of the world’s foremost US based science company.

Agriculture & Nutrition

  • Herbicide: Ally 20 WDG, Ally 20 WP, Ally 10/10 WP, Ally Plus 77 WP, Hyvar 80 WP, Karmex 80 WP, Marvel 865 SL, Sindax 8.6/1.8 WP, Velpar 60 WG.
  • Fungicides: Curzate 8/64 WP, Delsene MX 80 WP, Equation Pro 52 WG, Manzate 200, Nustar 400 EC, Rubigan 120 EC.
  • Insecticide: Ammate 150 SC, Lannate 25 WP, Lannate 40 SP, Sumialpha 25 EC, Meothrin 50 EC.
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred: Pioneer Corn Seed P7, P11, P12, P13, P21, P23
  • Food Ingredients: Supro soy proteins isolate, Alpha soy proteins concentrate, Response textured soy protein concentrate, Contex textured soy protein, etc.

Coating & Color Technologies

  • DuPont Refinish Centari – Refinish Paint
  • Spies Hecker – refinish Paint
  • Duxone – Automotive paint Systems
  • DuPont Titanium Technologies
  • DuPont powder Coatings

Electronic & Communication Technologies

  • Suva Refrigerants
  • Teflon Coating
  • Teflon Film
  • tedlar PVF Film
  • Zyron electronic gases
  • Nafion membran products
  • Cyrel photopolymer printing plates & processing equipment
  • Printed circuit materials
  • Riston high perfomance dry-film

Safety & protection

  • Chemical solutions: Phenylenediamines (MPD and PPD)
  • Surfaces: Tyzor Organic Titanates, Zonyl Fluorosurfactants
  • Nonwovens: Tyvek Spunbonded poly olefin for Envelopes, packaging and Graphics, Apparel and Home Finishing. Sontara SpunLace for wet wipes and pantyliners, industrial and institutional cleaning wipes.
  • Advanced Fiber Systems: KEVLAR para aramid fiber, NOMEX meta aramid fiber, DuPont personal Protection: Typex 1422A Suite & Tychem chemical proctive clothing.
  • DuPont safety Resources: safety consulting & safety workshop, STOP books & Training, take two.
  • DuPont Animal Health Solutions: VirkonS disinfectant and Biosolve Plus Cleaner.

Ferfomance Materials:

  • Engineering Polymer: Delrin acetal resin, Rynite engineering resin, Zytel nylon resin, Tynex nylon 612 monofilaments, Minlon mineral reinforced nylon resins, Elvamide nylon multipolymer resins, Crastin PBT Resins, Hytrel thermoplastic polyester elastomers, Zenite LCP resins, Vespel polymide  parts.
  • Packaging & Industrial Polymers: Nucrel copolymer resin, Surlyn  ionomer resin, Elvanol Polyvinyl  Alcohol Resin, Elvax Ethylene vynil acetate resin, Appeel seal Layer resin, Elvaloy AC: Ethylene Acrylates Copolymer Resin.
  • Films: Mylar polyester filmm, Melinex Pet Film.

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