Export Caustic Soda Titanium Dioxide

We are United & Technical Chemical Co.Ltd., we supply chemical raw material. And our hot sale product are :

  1. SLES
  2. Lithopone
  3. Zinc oxide
  4. Caustic soda
  5. Sodium formate
  6. Formic acid
  7. Oxalic acid
  8. Sulphur black
  9. Copper sulphate
  10. Gacial acetic acid
  11. Chrome oxide green
  12. Titanium dioxide
  13. Sodium hexametaphosphate
  14. Sodium tripolyphosphate

If you have plan to import it, please email me at your convenient time, As a manufacturer we will provide your good products with competitive price.

Contact name: May Tsai

Email: may[at]honglianchem[dot]com

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