Chemical companies with around 3000 products for various industry application

Wacker-Chemie GmbH is one of the leading German chemical companies with a global reputation for innovative and custom products. The company program’s comprises around 3000 products for various industry application e.g.:

1. Silicone Division:

  • HDK Fumed silica, Silane
  • Thermal Insulation materials WACKER WDS
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Silicone for mason ry water repellent
  • Silicone foam control system (e.g PULPSIL)
  • Silicone for textile, Leather, Plastic & Rubber
  • Silicone for release coating (paper film) DEHESIVE
  • Silicone for paint and ink (SILRES)
  • Silicone for cosmetic, pharmaceutical & food industry
  • Silicone for Mould-Making and printing-pads
  • Silicone for transport industry, release agents
  • Silicone rubber ELASTOSIL grades

2. Wacker Polymer Systems

Vinnapas Redispersible Powder, a family of polymers used as binder for advance dry mix building products, which enhance the adhesion, flexibility, workability, water-retention and other properties of hydraulic binder-systems.

Field of application:

  • Ceramic tile adhesive, tile grouts
  • Self-leveling floor compound
  • Plaster and skim coat
  • Water proofing membranes
  • Thermal insulation systems
  • Wallpaper adhesives, wall renders
  • Powder paints, gypsum compound
  • ALC topping mortar, repair mortars

3. Surface Coating Resin

  • Vinnol, (VAC/VC) resin
  • Pioloform, PVB resin
  • Vinnapas, PVAC solid resin

Field of application: packaging lacquers, industrial lacquers, printing inks, primers, marine paints, chewing-gum, ceramics, pigment preparation chips and adhesives.

Representative Office: Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Address: Graha Indramas 4th Floor, Jl AIP II K.S. Tubun Raya No 77, Jakarta 11410 – Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 53671278 (hunting)
Fax: (62-21) 53671279
Email: wcsa[at]wacker[dot]com

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