Caustic soda / ZInc oxide / SSA

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We are manufacturer of raw chemcials, such as TIO2, ZNO, H2O2, CRO2, CMC, STPP, HDPE. Our chemicals can be used for rubber, detergent, tyre, glass, plastic, textile, ceramic, coating industry .

Any enquiry please contact: windym2010 [at] gmail com .

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Contact:  Nyaol
Company Name: Tianjin Ruihaiweilin Chemical Co.,Ltd

Company Address:
No.8 Yangbei Road, Wuqing District,
Tianjin, 301700, China
Phone:   86-311-85278199
Fax: 86-311-85278199

About Company:

As a chemical manufacturer, we supply: Tio2, inc oxide, Formic acid, Chrome oxide green, Acetic acid, Black carbon, H2O2, CMC, STPP, HDPE, GAA, SHMP.

Our chemicals can be used for Rubber, Detergent, Water, Ceramic, Glass, Dyes industry. Any products please contact us asap .

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