Category: chemical


Distributor of Chemical Products

Distributor of Chemical Products: Special denatured alcohol (Ethanol). For Industry: cosmetic, household, desinfectant, tissue, textile chemical, printing ink, paint, petroleum products, resin, photographic film, adhesives, silicon products, propylene glycol …

Producer of Chemical & Pesticides

Producer of Chemicals and Pesticides: 1. Specialty Chemicals Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals: dyeing process, finishing agent, printing process Surfactant for industrial: nonionie surfactant, agricultural surfactant, personal care & household detergent. …

Resin, Colourants and Additives

Products Offered / in stock: Colourants: ultramarines, fluorescents, phosphorescents, pearlescents, organic pigments, oil and solvent dyes, cadmium pigments, lead chromates, anti corrosives, invisible pigments, titanium dioxide. Additives: micronised waxes, …