International & Domestic Forwader, General Trading Business

Dear All Partners,
We are is the company: Import Air & Sea Freight Forwarder & General Trading, Supplier Business. International and Domestics Cargo Service.

International and Domestics Cargo Service

International and Domestics Cargo Service

Sakura Wanara Gemilang has rich of experience and technical excellence in cargo moving, both in International and Domestic routes, by Sea, Air or Land tarnsportation.

Main Business :
International & Domestic Frieght Forwarder & General Trading, Supplier Business

Our Strrong Point :
We are dedicated and staffed by experienced and expert personnel Well versed in documentation and understanding the physical requrements for cargo movement.

We offer Domestic Shipping Service (Inter-island / city / region in Indonesia) and also door to door.

We have a wide range of services including delivery via landline (Trucking). shipments via sea,  and also via air shipment.

Especially for the import door to door,we only serve the service via air from different countries to Indonesia. Serve the delivery of goods or a document to all region in Indonesia and overseas, for those who want to know the pricelist / price can leave a PM or email, I am going to send pricelist to you (Customers).

Offer Singapore to Jakarta (entire teritory of Indonesia ).

  • China to Jakarta.
  • Korea to Jakarta.
  • Hongkong to  Jakarta.
  • Malaysia to Jakarta.
  • Taiwan to  Jakarta.
  • Bangkok to Jakarta.

And from foreign countries, and that whatever belongings garment /  apparel, electronics, etc. Details and more info please contac us.

Contact: Bayu Tasmaya

Company Address:
Kota Delta Mas, Al Hambra GA.26,
Jl. Cicau – Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi,
Indonesia, 17530.
Phone 1:  +622129256318
Phone 2:  +622193668209
Mobile Phone: +6285288639117
Fax: +622129256319
Email: bayoe77 [at]

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