Bolt Nut

General Suplayer Bolts & Nuts for Contractor, Factory, Industri etc. We product are:

  • Bolts nuts
  • StudBolts
  • Anchor Bolt
  • Stainless Steel fasterners.
  • High tensile BOLT & NUT & SOCKET head cap screws. Grade 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
  • Self Tapping Screw, FH, OH, PH (+) & PH (-)
  • Hexagon Bolt, Socket Set/Cap Screw
  • Roofing Screw
  • Dynabolt & Blind Rivet
  • Anchor & U-bolt
  • Other product fastener

Contact: kawan utama
Company Name: Kawan Utama Abadi, cv

Company Address:
Jakarta / Indonesia
Posted Code : 13350
Phone : +622185916793
Fax: +622185916793
Email: kawanutama [at]

About Company:

We are general suplayer Bolts & Nuts for contractor, factory etc.

CV.Kawan Utama Abadi was established in June 2010 to provide and distribute high tensile hexagon bolts and nuts for goverment and private entities assignments.

CV.Kawan Utama Abadi established ( as demand for fasteners continue to grow), which service is to provide hot-dip galvanized fasteners for specific projects in steel construction, telecommunication towers, highway guard rails, transmission towers and bridges.

To fulfill market demands, we have progressive stock in which expand over the years and consist of fasteners from standard to customized manufacture in various sizes and material such as carbon steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon, aluminium, titanium and other corrosion resistant materials.

Our delivery service is our main tool in enhancing our costumers’ satisfaction. We consult relentlessly with our suppliers and manufactures in order to apply specific and on-time delivery service. In accordance to this, we employ appropriate number of trucks and human resource to serve delivery order across this archipelago.

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