5 Reasons Blogging Is A Great Option For Insurance and Financial Representatives

Learn the Secrets of Making Money For Your Business With A Blog. | You’ve taken a job with a national company, and begun training on all the tools and technology your company has offered you. You love what they have to offer, and can’t wait to bring in your first client. The hard part comes in distinguishing yourself from the next person in the company. Sure they have great resources, but do you really want to look like everyone else? Don’t you want an original way of communicating with your prospects and customers? Chances are your company gave you your own website, and possibly made it an extension of their existing site. So your domain name is: www.yourdomain.com/myname.

Blogging for money


You may have invested in purchasing your own domain name, but it still points back to that Big Company site, which ultimately leads back to the national information – pulling them away from what you have to offer. So how do you capture attention online? What’s your best option? Start up a blog.

  1. A blog gives you a voice. Teach your customers and prospects about your products and services, tell them about upcoming seminars, and give them logical advice. You’re in control of what you share.
  2. A blog shares your expertise. Day after day you can share all that you know about your subject matter. If you attend training and learn a new strategy, it’s easy to share with your readers.
  3. A blog connects you with a huge audience. When you meet one to one, you only have the option of connecting with that one person. But if you write a great post, it may ultimately connect you with hundreds of potential customers.
  4. A blog is a cost effective way of advertising. Customizing a blog is a one time fee. Then you have full control over what text you choose to add, photos you share, and video you include.
  5. A blog gives you ins with other media sources. Maybe you’re trying to gain a column in your local community newspaper. Or maybe you want to share your ideas with your trade associations.

Blogging regularly shows your dedication, and gives people the chance to see your views. Making it easier to get you the PR you desire.


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