Distributor of Mechanical Fastener & Products from Flexco USA

  • Alligator Staple Fastener
  • Alligator Lacing
  • Alligator Plastic Rivet Fastener
  • Clipper Hook Fastener
  • Installation Tools
  • Tatch A Cleath
  • Rivet
  • Bolt Hinge
  • Bolt solid  Plate Fastener
  • etc

For Service to: Mining Application, Quarry, Packaging & Handling, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical Application, General Manufactures, Agriculture, Laundry, Filter Media, Airports, Foundries, Grain Elevator, Aggregate plants, Steel Mills, Asphalt plants, coment plants, coal, stone, etc.

WORLD RESOURCE FORBELT CONVEYOR MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOFY. Our Mission is to be the Unexcelled Leader in Supplying belt conveyor maintenance solution worldwide. FLEXCO-Flexible steel lacing company!

Contact: PT Polyline Elastomer Asia

Office & factory: Jl Karet No 7, Kawasan Insustri karet jaya 1, desa Karet, Kecamatan Sepatan, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Phone: (62-21) 59373282, 59370685. Fax: (62-21) 59373283. Email: hrakesh[at]polyline[dot]co[dot]id , sales[at]polyline[dot]co[dot]id, technical[at]polyline[dot]co[dot]id. website: www.polyline.co.id

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