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CSB Battery is making use of recycleable high purity lead with special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as electrical energy storage body. It prevents the spill of h2, a dangerous gas generated in the chemical interaction process.

csb batteries are extremely safe, easy to recharge, and with high efficiency. when comparing with other allo batteries, csb batteries’s internal resistances is low. As with all csb batteries, all are rechargeable, high efficient, maintenace free, leak proof, useable in any position and iso certified as well as recognized by uL

Contact: Budi
Company Name: tokobateraiku

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cideng jakarta indonesia
Posted Code : 10150
Mobile Phone: 081703637426
Email: tokobateraiku [at]
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About Company:

Welcome to the TokoBateraiku.
We are here to help provides variety of batteries for the customers need. All the products we market have good quality at a reasonable price. Some well-known brands and international scale, among others:

  • CSB
  • Panasonic
  • Exide
  • Yuasa
  • GS Portalac
  • Trojan
  • Ritar
  • Leoch etc.

Our business to serve the entire archipelago, please contact our sales department for ordering and delivery. Customers are the real boss:)

please contact us :
YM: tokobateraiku [at]

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