Why companies should have a blog?

Why companies should have a blog? Promotion is very important for the company. With promotion to the targeted audience, will generate sales and profits.

Today, the competition in sales of more stringent, Competitors more competition getting tougher customers. Without advertising, it would be difficult to introduce the company’s products to the public. Blogging is one way to promote, by using a blog (online journal) to further introduce our company and products to consumers. And the good news, the cost to do the blogging activity less than other promotional costs. However, it requires patience, persistence and time to be paid.

Blogging for the company intended to inform consumers about the company, the company’s activities and products, both old products, new products or product being promoted.

There may be some who ask? if you just want to introduce the company’s profile, not on static web there is a “about” page, where the profile and history of the company can be written. But in my opinion, it is not enough. Potential consumers need to be more ‘feel’ to know and believe the company that sells the product.

Blogs are one of a kind website that is dynamic, rather different types of static websites that are well known. Usually used blog script is wordpress and blogspot. In blogs, news articles will usually appear on the top and there is a category, and each article can be accompanied by product samples, images, video.

Every time blog updates, there are many things that can be displayed, eg press Realise the latest products, info social activities companies, contest, or even product reviews. In addition, companies can also post articles about product tutorials, tips and tricks, interesting stories about the use of the product, and so forth.

Indirectly, blogging is a medium to build awarness about the product / brand and one of the company’s media activities ‘branding‘.

Blogging is Buildding Engagement and Conversation!

On the company blog, in addition to an interesting article posted around the tips, also posted information about the product sold. Usually on a blog, there is a comment form, where visitors to the site or the users of the product can not directly comment on a product and this is a feedback to the company. either customer satisfaction or disappointment, can be directly addressed by the company.

With the blog comment form, will lead to a communication interactions between businesses and consumers, so as to assist the establishment of Engagement and coversation with consumers. In addition, the blog also made similar perusaaan form to get the data to the people who are interested in the products manufactured by the company.

Another advantage to the company blog, it is easier get potential visitors through search engines. Typically, visitors who are interested in a product will look in the search engines and your website or blog with updated and contains a wealth of information, it would be prioritized to appear on the first page of the search engines. And the opportunity to get free but potential visitors, more easily obtained.

Happy blogging!

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