What is the function of a blog for the company?

Maybe you already know that some big companies such as Microsoft, Google and CNN have a blog? Why are these companies and what the benefits of having a blog blog for marketing the company’s products?

Blog was originally used as a medium ‘online diary’ or ‘Online Journal’, where one notes a trip or information or other matter on the internet. So the blog is a bit different websites that we used to know. However, the blog quickly evolved into a lot of media interest, therefore, contains a constantly updated so favored by the search engines and there is a feature on the blog comments, creating interactive communication between the owner of the blog with blog readers.

Increasingly, more and more people begin to have a blog, because apart can have for free, blog also offers easy setup for users. Ranging from students, employees, managers, artists and many state officials who have blogs. And, more and more companies or the marketing division of the company to create a blog for promotional purposes.

Blog has many functions, one of the functions of companies blogs are establish good communication with customers. Also, blogs can serve as a medium to get feedback from customers about the company’s products. For example, if customers who have purchased the product are disappointed, satisfied or pleased?. Voice of the customer needs to be heard, because the information from the customer may be an additional consideration for product improvement in the future.

If the company has a blog, the blog can be published to date information about the company and its products, announcements, schedule of events and so forth. In phisikologis customers will feel more close to the company.

One large company that has a blog is Google, Inc. Company blog address is: http://googleblog.blogspot.com. This blog has a very many readers listed. Through this blog, Google, Inc provide information about the company product updates, new features or the latest technological developments. Thus, blogs can make the communication between companies and customers can be well maintained.

One way to plug the brand into the minds of consumers is to create an article about a product, functionality and usability, advantages and features of the product. Through this blog, the company can do ‘Company Branding’ or ‘product branding’, so that they can be embedded product brand strong in the minds of consumers. For example, if you need to drink mineral water, consumers will remember to aqua, if need jeans, the mind is’ Levi’s.

Blog can also be used by companies to attract customers to a product that will be launched to the market. For example, in the film industry, before the movie was released in cinemas, bloggers and consumers need to be invited to view, read, review and comment on the movie to be screened throughout the world, causing euphoria and noise, so that more and more people curious to watch
the film.

In particular for companies softwere, script and like, it is important to do ‘company blogging‘, because one of the biggest CTR site visitors who buy
product, is derived and have been reading the reviews on the product on a or blog.

By having a blog that is always updated, will enrich the content of the blog so that the blog will get a good position in search search sites, and potentially crowded readers. Blogging can be used as an advertising and marketing techniques to increase sales.

Does your company already have a blog?

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