Contractor OF Waterproofing

Waterproofing  Products  :

  1.  SCG  100  :  Acrylic Polymer   (coating system)
  2. SCG  200  :  Flexible Cementitious   (coating system)
  3. SCG  300  :  Membrane Waterproofing  (torching  system)
  4. SCG  350  :  Membrane Waterproofing  (self adhesive system)
  5. SCG  360  :  Coating System of  Bitumen with mineral fillers.
  6. SCG    50  :  Epoxy Mortar
  • Joint Sealant
  • Concrete Injection
  • PVC Waterstop
  • Bonding Agent
  • Repair Concrete
  • Epoxy Coating & Mortar

Contact: Janto

Company Address:
Taman Kebon Jerukl Blok AA IV No: 12 ,
Jalan Meruya Ilir Raya (intercon), Jakarta Barat,
Indonesia. 11650.
Phone 1:  021 5853295
Phone 2:  021 5857441
Mobile Phone: 08161886446
Fax: 021 5853267
Email: semestagraha [at]

About Company:

In the construction of buildings, water-resistant material (Waterproofing) is becoming a very important necessity. Waterproofing serves as a concrete structure coating to protect the building from leaks that can be caused by hydrostatic pressure of water, the weather, the natural movement of water on the surface of concrete, in between the concretes joint, and in between the concrete with other materials.

A water-resistant material is required in almost every constructions, for example: hotels, apartments, houses and other buildings that are particularly made of concrete.

The selection of suitable water-resistant material and appropriate working methods is very important to note. Error in Waterproofing material selection will cause a variety of leakage problems. Cost for these improvements may exceed 300% of the cost of initial installation. Losses resulting from damage to equipments and supplies within the building can amount to a significant amount. Please also consider the time waste to repair the building.

Purpose & Objectives

Considering the importance waterproofing in the development of buildings, PT. Semesta Ciptagraha, since 1992, has focused to become a specialist in the field of Waterproofing. We are committed to providing solutions and innovation in assisting our clients to prevent and deal with the problem of leakage.

In addition to producing some waterproofing material and becoming a Supplier of waterproofing products, PT Semesta Ciptagraha also act as Applicator. Our specialists are always ready to provide guidance in choosing the appropriate Waterproofing material to the case at hand and its technical applications. Our company also provides waterproofing installation services with a warranty. We do this because we put quality and customer satisfaction above everything else.

Our company is ready to help you in tackling the problem of leakage in the building, from the material selection to application and / or installation supervision services. The implementation of these jobs are supported by our specialized personnel who are experienced in both government and private buildings.

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