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IGBT Inverter, AC Servo Motor, PLC, Touch Panel, Timer, Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), MCCB, MCB, ELCB, MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply, etc - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

We offering breakthrough solution and consistenly delivering outstanding service to our customers, and we value innovation and apply it to produce real benefit to our customers. Authorized Sole Distributor for: Hitachi : IGBT Inverter, AC Servo Motor, PLC. (SJ200, SJ300, L200, L300P, Full range of Stocks and Excellent Services.

Relay Test Equipment, Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Winding Resistace Test, Micro-OHM Meter, Portable Oil Tester, etc - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

COTEL: Relay test equipment. Raytech: Transformer turn ratio meter, winding resistace test, Micro-OHM meter. iup corp, Fault Wizard, Portable cable fault locator Deltatronic Technology: Portable oil tester up to 100 KV. ION Science: Portable SF 6 leak detector, Portable multigas detector, Portable PID instrument, Portable refrigerant leak.