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NS Battery, Just Proof it! - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

NS Battery products: NS Absolute – Automotive Battery NS Absolute – Motorcycle Battery NS Advance – Motorcycle VRLA Battery NS Advance – Automotive SMF Battery Note: VRLA: Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery SMF: Sealed Maintenance Free battery Contact: PT NIPRESS Tbk Phone: (62-21) 8230968, Fax: (62-21) 8230935, 8230936. Email: nipress[at]rad[dot]net[dot]id . Website: Agen Tunggal: […]

Panasonic, Valve Regulated (Sealed) Lead Acid Battery - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

STANDHBS / IBT BATTERY BATTERY CHANGER / RECTIFIER Aplication: telecommunications, PABX telephone, DC Emergency System, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Medical Equipments, Panel Control PLC, etc. Contact: CV Sinar Agung Kencana Address: Jl Melati 1 /22 Kav sawah barat, Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia 13440. Phone/ Fax: (62-21) 86613132, 86603211

Products & Service Battery - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

Products Battery: NI-CD, NI-MH LI-ON, Lithium Sealed Lead Acid Memory BackUp Telcom, Emergency Battery Pack Alarm & Security, Buoys, Tracking System Battery, Theodolite Service Battery: HP, HT, Laptop, Handycam, Powertool, Communication, Amano, Professional Studio, Camera-battery. Contact: Sumber Energi Phone: (62-21) 6669184647, Fax: (62-21) 66691847, Mobile: (62) 08161906248.

PT Inti Cakra Anugrah, Specialist for UPS & Stabilizer - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

ICA is a high-quality brand for UPS and Stabilizer, got ISO 9001 certification, Hi-Quality & longer-lifetime battery. Beside that, ICA is the market leader for more than one decade in Indonesia and popular for international. Products: UPS, Inverter, Stabilizer, Rectifier, Line Filter, cabinet rack System, Battery Bank. UPS PN Series, Pionner Type Line Interactive UPS: […]

PT Sumberdaya Cemerlang, Battery Agents & Distributor - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

Battery products: Hitachi SLA Battery, 6V-12V from 0.7AH-65AH (5 years life time). Vision SLA Battery, 2V-6V-12V. 1.2AH-3000AH (5-15 years life time). Ical VRSLA Battery, 2V-4V-6V-8V-12V. 0.5-3000AH (5-15 years lifetime). Trojan Battery USA, Application: Electric golf car, Utility vehicle, Floor scrubbers, marine vehicle. Hitachi long life, maintenance free, automotive batteries. Ni-Cad Rechargeable Battery pack. FIAMM stationary […]

Rechargeable batteries centre - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

CSB Battery is making use of recycleable high purity lead with special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as electrical energy storage body. It prevents the spill of h2, a dangerous gas generated in the chemical interaction process. csb batteries are extremely safe, easy to recharge, and with high efficiency. when comparing with other allo […]

Sole Agent Indonesia for Nickel Cadmium Batteries & Lead Acid batteries - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

NIKSA Power Electronics, SAFT NIFE BICA IEC 60623 Nickel Cadmium Batteries, ULTRALEAD Lead Acid Batteries, Rectifier/ Battery Charger, Uninterruptible Power System. Customized Power Solution:  Oil & gas, petrochemical, communication, power generation, railway, military etc. Contact: PT Berjaya Indah Nusantara Address: Gedung Putra Kalimantan lantai 5 No 9, Jl Jend Gatot Subroto kav 12-13, Jakarta, Indonesia […]

Sole Agent of BAE Battery, BENNING Power Supply & GAZ Nickel Cadmium Battery, Germany for Indonesia - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

PT PRACOM Mitrajaya, sole agent of BAE battery, Germany for south east asia region, sole agen of BENNING Power Supply Germany and Sole agent of GAZ Nickel Cadmium Battery, Germany. Products: BAE VLA BAE VRLA Stationary Battery GAZ NICd Battery BENNING Enertronic UPS PRACOM & BENNING Thyristor Rectifier BENNING Switch Mode Rectifier BENNING Switch Mode […]

Supplier Of Batteries: RC battery, Hobby RC, Lipo Battery, Lithium Polymer battery, Lipo akku, NiMH AA battery, Ebike battery – Hong Kong Desire Power Industrial Co - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

This is Billy from Consumption NI-MH battery Sale Dept. of Desire Power Industry Group in China, which is a leading battery Manufacturer/Exporter specializing in rechargeable NI-MH; Lipo; LiFePO4 batteries…etc; We are mainly dedicated to promoting our own brand? Desire Power ;( also welcome ODM/OEM customers); with the daily production capacity of NI-MH batteries around 200,000pcs […]

UPS Series, High Performance Battery Backup & Power Protection for Business Computer - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

Power tends to corrupt, … (Lord Arton, 1887) “But No Power is Totally Corrupt”. DESKTOP ( Back UPS RS series) Back-UPS BR 800i, Back-UPS BR1500i. Capacity: 500VA – 1500VA. High perfomance battery backup and protection for business computer: Tower model Available alarms, AVR, USB, Serial connectivity, Automatic restart & shutdown Included powerchute personal edition softwere […]