Rug padding

Rug padding like an area rug pad, it is made to protect the concrete floors. It is also designed to avoid slips from the rug.

rug pad to protect the concrete floors

rug pad to protect the concrete floors

Buy rug pads in square, round, rectangle, runners, octagon and oversize rug pads. For safety and comfort reasons, area rug pad provides another layer of cushion for your feet. They make walking on them extra comfort. Since they keep rugs on place, they can prevent you from slipping and falling.

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About Company:
Rug Pad Corner® cares about your area rugs, rug pads and floors. We have ties to Area Rug and Persian Rug restoration and cleaning and we know what it takes to preserve your area rugs and floors.

Area rugs of all types require an area rug pad. We take pride in offering the rug pads that we are sure will withstand the test of time and of the elements they can be exposed to while being completely safe to your floors and rugs.

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