Submersible dredge sand slurry pump

Tex pumps we offer electric submersible dredge sand pumps or hydraulic pumps motor drive models in our own design – brand new pumps or a remanufactured pump (completely rebuilt) Toyo pump or Tsurumi pump DP model sand pump.

Large Capacity Submersible Pump

Large Capacity Submersible Pump

Tex pumps can guarantee our pumps and Tex pumps will offer back-up support, and assistance with installation, pumping operation, pump maintenance, and pump repairing as necessary.

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Dear Sir/Madam,
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TEX PUMPS, “to see on net, 3 w texpumps dot com, or to mail, info at texpumps dot com”,  a leading submersible dredge sand slurry pump manufacturer and supplier of various pumps for construction pumping, mine pumping, dredging pumping, sewage water (pump) treatment, solving the water (pump) problems of industrial (pumping), and environmental (dewatering pumping sewages water pump) in Taiwan (dredge pump), and overseas, Indonesia (sand mine pump), India (mine sand pump), America (water pump), Vietnam (sand pump), Korea (slurry pump) and Africa (mine pump), submersible pump rental and sales, And also customized design have been available for over 25 years.

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*technical experts
*accurately evaluate your needs
*design an effective solution
*second to none
*cooperation worldwide

+ We have pumps.
+ We know pumps.
+ We know systems.
+ We know how to get the job done well.

Warmly welcome any question of you. We can be a team that we are looking for. Thank you for your time to keep my mail.


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