Me2Team, Project Management Software, Makes Planning, Tracking, Organizing, Synchronizing, Informing, and Reporting Easy

TASKey project management software will manage projects, estimate costs, planning and  scheduling the project at lowest price. After 10 years work, TASKey has a simple, easy to apply web software tool to get projects done through people.

Get Work Done Keep work lists synchronized:

  • Manage mobile projects
  • Develop and implement Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Develop and implement Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Coordinate field staff activities
  • Provide up-to-date ToDo lists for all stakeholders
  • Manage meetings and agreed actions efficiently
  • NOW Online & on Mobile/Cell Phones

Manage your work in 4 simple steps, Me2Team will assist you 7×24. Makes planning, tracking, organizing, synchronizing, informing, and reporting easy.

Contact: Me2Team

email: sales[at]taskey[dot]com

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