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Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited is a printed circuit board manufacturer/ PCB manufacturer in China, producing high quality, low cost barebones quick turn prototypes and medium production volumes printed circuit board. We specializing in PCB prototype, Aluminium PCB, Multilayer PCB (up to 26 layers), Quick turn PCB, High Density PCB / HDI PCB and low volume PCB production. Our fabrication services offer high level of customization to suit all price and requirements.

We founded in 1997, Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited has grown into one of the largest and most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers in China. We are world leaders in thermal management technology development and take great pride in delivering excellent, attentive customer service. Our team is here to help throughout your development process. Every order gets a full review to ensure quality. We believe in true project ownership and proactively work to reduce error and give schedule updates.

China PCB manufacturer – Hitech Circuits Co., Limited. is a professional PCB supplier with ISO-9001 and UL approval in China. We focus on quick-turn prototype and small-medium volume for 1-26 layers boards, I just wanted to give you a quick note and see if there is anything I can help you with PCB / FPC fabrication.

1. Products Range: Rigid PCB up to 26 layers, Rigid printed circuit board; Flexible board/Flex PCB; Bergquist Aluminium based board; HDI boards; Impedance control, Buried-blind vias holes ….

Material range: FR-4 (130TG-180TG), Halogen free laminate, Rogers, Teflon, Bergquist Aluminum Based, ISOLA, Nelco….

Technology Capability: Min. 3mil/3mil Trace/space, heavy copper board (3-8 Oz)4 mil Smallest Drill Size …

2. No miminum order quantity requirement. You can put 1 piece, 100 piece or large quantity jobs  to us, and in return, what we will provide to you are the same quality services and quality products.

3. Quick turn lead time at reasonable Price. We can be delivered double-sided PCBs in 24 hours and four-layer PCBs 48 hours.

4. Excellent customer service and quick response. We can send you quotes and inquiry responses in two hours or less.

We sincere hope that our products will win your satisfaction with Top  quality, competitive price and on-time delivery.

If you are interested in our products, please let us know freely.

Best Regards!

(Note: China PCB manufacturer Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited specially produces on mulitlayer printed circuit board / Multilayer PCB; High density PCB / HDI, hard gold board; Flexible board / FPCB; Bergquist Aluminum based board / MPCB, etc.)

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Contact: Hitechpcb / Joy Li

Phone: 0086-755-29630063
Fax: 0086-755-29970700

Skype: hitechpcb

EMail 1 : sales [at} hitechpcb.com
Email 2 : hitechpcb [at} hotmail.com
Website : www.hitechpcb.com

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