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Contact: Andy
Company Name: Hitech Circuits PCB Co., limited

Company Address:
Fuyang, Bao’an Dist. Shenzhen,
GuangDong, China
Posted Code : 518002
Phone :  0086-755-29630063
Email: hitechpcb@hotmail.com
Website: hitechpcb.com

About Company:

We are Professional in PCB Manufacturing, PCB Fabrication, PCB Making! Hitech Circuits Co., Limited – Experienced PCB manufacturer from China. Our PCB manufacturing services will allow you to be the most competitive player in your market.

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China PCB manufacturer / China PCB supplier / PCB manufacturing / Multilayer PCB /High density PCB?High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs) ?HDI board?HDI PCB/ Flexible PCB / Rigid PCB / aluminum PCB / Aluminum PCB / Metal core PCB / MPCB / FPC PCB prototype / Quick-turn PCB / Express PCB / Volume Production.

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