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Shenzhen SiGeFu Technology  Ltd was established in 2000, which specializes in the production of high density double-side, multi- side and special printed circuits board (PCB). The factory covers 8,000 sq.m and has the ability to manufacture PCB up to 30 layers such as HDI, hidden or blind hole, high frequency, Al-based, high Tg, eavy copper (5oz)PCB. Current output can reach more than 2,000 sq.m monthly, including more than 2000 types quick turn prototype PCB. Own the PCB of the complete set produce and check the equipments and productive capacity can reach 8000000 sq ft in a year.

We are in the light of “controlling profits; quality firstly and implementing according to facts; continually
” of quantily policy. We consistent serve loyally in the customer, and win the Chinese and foreign
customer extensive with confidence and support. In the foundation of the stable normal craft lastly, positively participate profession the development of the new craft, new material and study, promote the development that our country PCB produce craft. We are in the light of the establishes famous brand consciousness, concentrate on creating the famous brand in the profession of  PCB, the loyalty hope is a customer the development does a solid backing. We believe you would be enjoyed for our good services, excellent quality, faster delivery and lower price.

Products :

  • Layers : Bare Printed Circuit Board 2 up to 30L
  • Orientation : Express Lead time,Prototype to volume order,High density PCB
  • Materia : FR4, High Tg, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Al-base, Bergquist, Thermagon
  • Board thickness : 0.2—8.0mm
  • Copper weight : 0.5 OZ — 5 OZ
  • Mini line width/space : 3mil/3mil
  • Mini finished Hole Size : 0.15mm
  • Surface treatment : HASL, LF HASL, Chemical Gold,Immerion Tin/Silver, Gold finger, OSP, Peelabe mask
  • Special technique: blind & buried holes,via in pad, Semi-plating holes,countersinke holes,Step mounting holes, countrolled depth holes, Edge-plating PCB and metal base PCB
  • Delivery time : 24H for prototype,4-8days for mass production
  • Products pplication : Communication, Military, Avionics,Power Supplier,Industrial Controller, Automobile and so on


  • Innerlayer AOI
  • Drilling machine
  • Wet film coating machine
  • Automatic pattern plating line
  • Vacuum laminating machine
  • Gold finger
  • Flying probe tester
  • Dry automatic hot roll laminator

Quality Assurance

SiGeFu has developed series of management procedures and approaches to assure the product delivery meets the customers’ requirements through the whole product realization from the selection of the suppliers, WIP inspection, and outgoing inspection to the customer service. Here are some of the examples:

Evaluation And Audit Of Suppliers. Suppliers must be evaluated before approval by SiGeFu’s supplier evaluation team. In addition, SiGeFu will appraise and rank every supplier once a year to guarantee the suppliers provide the quality materials meeting SiGeFu ‘s requirements.

Contract Review . Before accepting an order, SiGeFu shall review and verify customer’s requirements to make sure that SiGeFu has capability to satisfy customers’ requirements including spec, delivery and other demands.

Preparation, Review And Control Of Manufacturing Instruction. SiGeFu must verify all the requirements after receiving the customers’ design datum and spec. Then, transform the design datum into manufacturing datum by CAM. Finally, a MI which incorporates the manufacturing datum will be formulated according to SiGeFu’s real manufacturing process and technologies. MI must be reviewed after preparation by independent engineers. Before the MI issued, it must be reviewed by QA engineers and if approved.. Drilling and routing datum must be confirmed by first article inspection before issued. In a word, SiGeFu makes ways to guarantee that manufacturing documentation is right and valid.

Process Controls Of Fabrication. Right manufacturing instruction (MI), total equipment management and maintenance, strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instruction, all these make the whole fabrication process totally controlled. Various precise inspection equipments including AOI inspection system as well as perfect WIP inspection instruction and control plan, all these guarantee that semi-product, final product all reach the requirements of fabrication process and customers’ spec.

Final Control And Inspection. In SiGeFu, all PCBs must go through the open and short test as well as visual inspection after passed the relative physical tests. SiGeFu owns various advanced test equipments including dedicated, probe flying test machines to guarantee that PCB can be tested precisely and efficiently so that quality is assured.

Outgoing Audit And Approval. SiGeFu sets up a special function, FQA to inspect the products according to the customer’s spec and requirements by sampling. Products must be approved before packing. Before delivered, FQA must 100% audit every shipment for the fabrication part number, customer’s part number, quantity, destination address and packing list etc.

Customer Service. SiGeFu sets up a professional customer service team to proactively communicate with customers and timely deal with the customers’ feedbacks. If necessary, they will cooperate with the customers to solve the relative problems on the customers’ site. SiGeFu highly concerns customers’ needs and periodically surveys customers to learn about their requirements. Then SiGeFu will timely adjust the customer service and make the products meet customers’ need

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