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Linzon Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced professional manufacturer of printed circuit boards in mainland China since 2003.

With total factory area 6000 square meters, the number of employee is over 600,production capacity is 250000 square meters per year. We can produce many kinds of printed circuit boards: Single Sided PCB, Double Sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Aluminum PCB, Immersion Gold board, Super-thick board, Gold Finger board, High Frequency board, Non-halogen board, Impedance board, FPC.

In Linzon Technology, we have implemented the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system and TS16949 quality system. For ensuring that your designs can be translated into fully realized products, we remain committed to investing in the equipment and human talent required.

Linzon Technology’s manufacturing services will allow you to be the most competitive player in your market. Sincerely welcome your inquiry, we will appreciate the opportunity of showing you how efficiently and cost effective we can supply your needs.

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No.2 Building, WUZI Industrial Park, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518129 P-R-China.

Name: Frank Wei
Tel: +86-755-28896531
Fax: +86-755-28896527
MSN: linzontechnology[at]msn[dot]com
Skype: linzontechnology
Email: frank[at]linzon[dot]com

We are Professional in PCB Manufacturing, PCB Fabrication, PCB Making! Linzon Technology – Experienced PCB manufacturer from China. Our PCB manufacturing services will allow you to be the most competitive player in your market. Please check our features:

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Linzon is a high-tech company specializes in the manufacturing of high-precision, high-density and high-reliability PCB from 2 to 12 layers. Our commitment to our customer is to provide Quality Printed Circuit Boards that are delivered on time & outstanding customer service.

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