Timber woods of many species for sale here. If you have been timber woods of many species for sale here. We are exporters of woods of many species for sale in Cameroon. We have 36 species of african woods available. We give the woods as logs, Middle size sawn timber woods, and many other sizes […]

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Air filter, oil filter, oil water separator, air cooler, oil cooler, pressure sensor, dp sensor, temperature sensor, hose, coupling element, gear sets, check valve kit, unloader valve kit, thermostate valve, solenid valve, oil seal, plc, drain valve kit for ac,  ir,  sullair air compressor spare parts. Contact: Monica Company Name: ROCDAS (HK) INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Company […]

THE BWF, Solution for All Kind Of Filtration Requirement. PT. Multi Metalindo Murni is the only BWF agent for Indonesia, providing: Technical support from BWF – Germany to; Choose the Filter Media, & Design Filtration Problems from, Filter Media, Dust Collection System, Operational Process and Chemical/ Mechanical attack Filter Media Guaranteed by BWF

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BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau GmbH, Simplex & Duplex Filters, Automatic Self-cleaning Filters. The SEPAR 2000 is a water separator and fuel filter for light diesel fuel. An entirely new multistage centrifugal system. Hydraulic Oil Ten Years No Oil Change, Engine Oil Service Life,  Extended To 80-00 – 100.000 Km. Stockist + Sales + Servicing Agent:

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INNOVATIIVE CLEAN AIR SOLUTIONS™. Our supplies are : HVAC air filter (Pre, Medium, Hepa & Ulpa Filter 99.9995% ), Washable Filter, Gas turbine, Chemical Filter, Filter Bag & Cloth, Particle Counter Frame & housing Clean Room. Contact:  P.T. DUTA INSTRUMENT ALFA SAKTI Address:

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Sentral Septic Tank, Mainan Bebek Air, Septic Tank, Tangki Kimia, kursi tunggu, Aneka Mainan, Speed Boat. We produce: Tangki Air, Kimia Bak Air, Kimia Bak Udang, Bak Ikan Atap Gelombang, Plat

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PT. Golden Multi Indah Glasstech, Fibreglass products: Panel tank capacity 160 M³, Cempaka Mas Project Water tank capacity 265 M³, Citra Garden Project Filament Winding System FRP Roof FRP gutter Filament winding system capacity 100 M³

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FRP Products Manufacturer. Products : FRP Pipe, Duct, Chimney, Reactor FRP Tank, Scrubber, Septic, Vessel FRP Roof, Gutter, Cladding FRP Lined PVC, Steel, Concrete FRP Automotive Parts, Chair FRP Stack, Silo, Panel Tank

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Twin Fibreglass, Manufacture Of : Storage and processing Tank by Filament Winding System for: Chemical Industry : HCl, H2SO4, Fuel, PAC, Etc. Food Industry : Soy Bean Ketchup, Chili / Tomato Sauce, Cooking Oil, Mineral Water, Etc. Pulp and Paper Industry, Power Plant, Etc. Piping and Ducting System

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